Artirtico Corey13
Dec 25, 10 3:54pm

Hiya! You haven't been on Neo for over 3 months! Just not good enough xD Hehe, I hope Japan is treating you well (or wherever you've now ended up) and that you have an awesome Christmas!

Oh oh! 30 Seconds To Mars live were amazing!!!

Cheers! and happy new year!
ShadowCrystallux Corey13
Mar 4, 10 1:17am
I've decided to add you as a friend!
You're advice is awsome!
Thanks for keeping the DW1 forum as alive as it can be!
Don't forget i'll be on several days!
Yours truly,
Your fan,
Dramon Knight Corey13
Apr 30, 09 8:52am
Would you take me by the hand
Would you take me by the hand
Can you show me
The shine of your japan
The sparkle of your china
Can you show me
Im gonna sell my house in town
Im gonna sell my house in town
And Ill be there
To shine in your japan
To sparkle in your china
Yes Ill be there

I'll just assume you've heard Bodhisattva by good ol' Steely Dan.

But if you haven't.

Anyway xD talk to you in PM then I guess.
Dramon Knight Corey13
Feb 15, 09 9:53am
So now Corey is 18, huh? That makes you an adult, which means you can do adult stuff...whatever they might be.

Don't overdo it though or you'll blow up.
Artirtico Corey13
Feb 13, 09 6:54pm
Well, it's just about the 13th where I am now which means that you must be well into the day already so Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day and an even better night out! Beware of your sisters + sister's friends schemes to get you completely and utterly drunk (although I'm sure you'd end up just like that without them anyway ) and if you don't survive and never return, it was nice knowing you

Hehe, I'm sure we'll be hearing from you soon (albeit with a massive head-ache ) and good luck in the platinum tournament!

Oh and I see that you don't have my regular stamp yet:

LeoPup19 Corey13
Jan 24, 09 8:50pm
I saw your banner, and I don't know too many people who are into Madina Lake, so just wanted to say hi. Probably see you around the Sims 2 forum, happy posting!
Artirtico Corey13
Dec 25, 08 12:07pm

And to get you in the Christmas mood – the best Christmas song ever!

Chris Corey13
Nov 23, 08 3:41am
Thought I would sign your guestbook.

Here's this dude from Bleach.

Dramon Knight Corey13
Oct 29, 08 3:33am
Heh, it's been a while since I signed, so I figured I should again.

I wonder how long it will be until you notice this. xD
DigiManiac71 Corey13
Aug 2, 08 12:18pm
Now I'm not going to fill the space with poor alphabets. I've been here almost six months and I have made few friends here. But there are only two over others, Dramon Knight and you. You seem to be very nice and sometimes we're at the same time in Messenger, even if Australia is many thousand miles away from Finland where I live.

We had 4, maybe 5 active users in the beginning of February and we kept Digimon World forum alive. Then Shukumine came, he wasn't bad for forum. We have survived through Mysticalman and un-activity. Dramon Knight, ACSephiroth, me and you kept this forum alive at the beginning of 2008. We are good group.

Maybe you saw that you're my best friend.
SpaceWalker Corey13
May 26, 08 9:04am
Read the title
Seriously, sorry about not writing in your guestbook after all this time... I guess I just forgot
Ah well, no harm done. I'll see you around, Aussie
BTW, I'm english
SpaceWalker Corey13
Apr 28, 08 11:37am
Hi dude, just thought I would sign your GB for no reason at all.
Oh, Why don't you come back to the Digimon World forum more often? It seems to be just me, ACSephiroth and Dramon Knight at the moment!
Funkey s Corey13
Apr 18, 08 5:08am
here is a signing right from the kindness of my heart well not really.

anyway the cbeebees channel stamped you:

bob the builder stamped you.

okay not really. here is the real stamp:

Dramon Knight Corey13
Apr 6, 08 2:21am
hey Corey. =D

signing your guestbook cause your a good friend

yeah so anyway yeah dunno what to put <=O

dont forget to sign back
DigiManiac71 Corey13
Apr 6, 08 1:39am
Hello Corey13. What's up man? I just fill space with words. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. ZYXWVUTSRQONMLKJIHGFEDCBA