Originally I am from San Diego, California. I have spent time living in different parts of California as well as Seattle, Washington before moving out to Jacksonville, Florida. I have since come full circle and now live in San Diego once again. Home sweet home!
I believe life should be a quest for knowledge and that time is way too precious to be wasted always stressing out.
After all, without "bad" how would we even know what "good" is? Roll with the punches, and don't sweat the small stuff. ;)


-Making $$$

-Video Games-
Favorites: (in order)

1) Grand Theft Auto IV- To this day my gamertag can be found near the top of the public worldwide leaderboards for all 20 "road" class streetraces on this game. I have held worldwide first place records on 8 of the tracks at one point or another, and as many as five at one time. I am the creator of the TRC club: see my xbox live bio for details. The GTA gaming series has been my favorite of all time since GTA III was released on the Playstation 1, what more can I say?

2) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- One of the best games ever in my opinion: so free and so unique. Too bad it does not have online play...

3) Shadowrun- At one point I was one of the top ranked thieves in terms of points on the private worldwide leaderboards for this FPS game, no joke. I have a friend with a Microsoft worker family member who has access to private leaderboards. He asked me one day how it felt to be the third highest ranking player in the world and my jaw dropped. He's never been the type to pull my leg either. With as much time as I spent on that game, and the amount of times my teams won largely due to the massive amounts of points scored by myself as an exceptional thief, I believed him.

4) Over G Fighters- A realistic fighter jet simulator. I never played this online much. Instead, I love to just put on some rockin flyin music and then go to town on the poor little targets around me while carvin gnarly vapor-trails through the heavens...gotta love that feeling of freedom!

-Clubs, Pool Halls

-Martial Arts: First degree blackbelt in Tung Soo Do (it's a traditional Korean art, similar to Tae Kwan Do) And yes, I have jumped up and kicked a dent in my friend's ceiling and then landed on my feet again in the same motion while completely drunk (he loved that)

-Marathon Training: Racewalking newbee this year, I am only conditioning my muscles this season and will participate in the Escondido Marathon for my first goal

-Reading historical-fiction & fantasy:
Favorite author: Wilbur Smith (he kicks much you-know-what)

-Various sports and games that allow me to have good competition with my close friends


Without "bad", there is no definition for "good", think about that...and by the way, "never" is a long time.
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