just got my 5th gen team together (waiting to transfer with bank whenever that is released! :#) need to test it out! :) jus

I really need a leftover because I traded it away foolishly :'( I have BP items, just ask and I can get for you (all exc

I am looking for 6v6 battles! :) FC is in my sig and IGN is Colton

hello everyone! :) I am in search of a perfect thundurus (5-6IV and timid nature) What I have for trade is a shiny 6IV na

as the titles says I have a 6IV naive latios for trade! :) I am mainly looking for a 6IV shiny timid latias, but I am open t

Hello everyone I am looking for a darumaka with the sheer force ability. the IVs do not matter. I have HA trecckos FT I al

looking for clones of the pokebank legends, IVs don't matter. I don't have alot but can breed some 5IV stuff :)

he has a spread of 31/31/31/x/31/x I consider him perfect because he doesn't use his speed anyway he has the rock head a

I would love for someone to help me evolve my poliwirl into politoad. would greatly appreciate it

I am looking for a clone of a 5 to 6 IV ditto. I am hoping someone kind enough will give me one for free, but I know that I

they have 31/x/31/31/31/31 IV spread (none are female :() Egg moves: Covet, charm, wish, curse Ability is adaptability In

Been breeding for a 5IV and I finally got one :) I have alot of blaze and alot of Iron Fist ones of varying IV spreads. I a

All I have from the pokebank is a treecko, It doesn't have any max IVs I think and I don't want a chimchar with max I

@lardadoodle scammed me out of mine saying he would give me a 5IV poke then I checked it and it didn't have any perfect I

I am in search of a 5IV perfect rotom and I have a 5IV azumarill adamant perfect IVs with belly drum and aqua jet. it is lev

the spread is 31/31/x/0/31/31 no egg moves I am looking for a good breeding pair of 5 IV Pokemon or other shiny 4IV pokes :)

I have a shiny adamant gible 31/31/x/0/31/31 with rough skin (no egg moves) I need the two to have two different 5IV spreads

It's spread is 31/31/x/x/31/31 adamant male with no egg moves, looking for other shiny comp. pokes just as good as him :)

looking for a battle! :) FC is in my sig and IGN is the same as my user name.

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