It's a lot easier to start over, because I had lots of trouble with my Email. So Colonel Option II will have updated Bio and homepage etc., but I'll keep the old stuff here

Wow, I have to re-organize all of this stuff... it's been a while.

But there are somethings that I should put up, and maybe I will write/shuffel more around later

IS there anything I need to say before I foget?

Yes, (not just the name of the band, but the answer to my above question...)

This song captures my mood over these past 2 weeks, that I have a lot of things tp shouolder, and that most of the people around me cannot understand what I know or what I do... Have a look:
(I don't know what the books of Luke are, but everything else hits right on the spot as far as I go)

"Dear Fahter"
Anderson / Squire

Here are the books
Of Luke
You*ll need them
To open the seed
~To see what goes on in the world

You*re in my mind
Catch the wind and hold on tight
To what we*ll find
~And hear what goes on in the world

Here is all you see
Everything is made for you
From me

If there*s anything you*d like to say
that could help me in any way
Cause I*ve been waiting for so long for you to come along
Help me on that day

When you*d take over all the things Heaven has made for you
Is there anything you think you should know?
Is there anything before I go?

Dear Father, I*m hungry, I*m cold
Dear Father, feeling terribly old
Dear Father, I don*t think I can see
I*m not feeling good like I think I should

They*re on their own
Needing their face, a place
Hope to find the home
~To see what goes on in the world

They*re who you need
To show them why they*re wrong
Oh why indeed
~We need to go on in the world

Here is all you see
Everything is made for you
From me

If there*s any complication
That you*d like to talk over with me about
Cause I*ve been waiting for so long
For you to come along
We can work it all out

When you take over all the things Heaven has made for you
Is there anything you think you should know
Is there anything before I go

Dear Father, you must be putting me on
Dear Father, cause most of their minds are gone
Dear Father, they will not understand me
I*m not feeling good like I think I should

Dear Father, can I give it a miss
Dear Father, cause I*m not ready for this
Dear Father, I don*t think I can see
I*m not feeling good like I think I should

Dear Father, won*t you leave me alone
Dear Father, won*t you to let me go home
Dear Father, I don*t think I can see
Dear Father, won*t they crucify me
Dear Father, I just couldn*t do that
Dear Father, cause that*s not where it*s at, now
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My 2 'loves'
Nebraska Football and U2.

But there really is a lot about me that you need to know in order to understand me, just like anyone else, I suppose.

1- I have a tendancy to spell very poorly. This is because my mind is often farther ahead than my hands can remember. That, and I frequently wear gloves when typing.

I feel very much like an isolated person. I don't think the way others do around me, I don't see what they see, (when they look at the world- U2). I don't feel what they feel.

I'm still in high school (as of 2004). It's almost comical. I read what everyone is doing and saying.

I can see how everyone (in my school) is so afraid, so isolated to their cliques and comfort zones... It's really sad, no one is mature enough to actually interact.

Well, that was a bit off topic...

I like natural beauty.
I reall do enjoy that.

I like oure things, things that aren't distorted or complicated unneccsarily, (using that definition, I would't like myself... I'm a complicated man...)

But for an example, I don't like body peircings. I do like nature, sunsets, moolight.

I like myself. I'm selfconfident, and not afraid to be different.

I think I'm sexy, and so do a great number of women. It's true.

Some say I'm overconfident, like if they read this. I say, no, not really. It's more true that many are under-confident.

I like to look at the bright side, sort of. I understand the many troubles of the world, and often contemplate them, but I think unless you can have a positive spirit somehow, than your just a ruin to the world.

I love good movies, or good sayings, or the truth, or profound statements. I've always like "Fiddler on the Roof", "Casablanca". LOR are great, best series of my time. So was Kung Pow, Ace Ventura, and some great old war movies I don't remeber.

But my 2 favorite movies are Waynes World 1 and 2. They are awsome. They are fun and lighthearted, the perfect counterpart to my often serious tone.

Good music. That's essential. I don't like todays music. I find a lot of it negative, repetative, drawn out, McTalent, microwaved, and generally bad.

So many great people from the past. Thelonlious Monk , Bruce Springstein, U2, Nat King Cole, Rolling Stones, S&G, James Taylor, way too many to list.

I think people need to stop making music just to make music. The only reason is to make money. Maube if no usic was produced for a year or 5, than people would understand. But that wwon't happen, too much $$$...

Peace, tranquilty. Above all, those.

I want to live in an environtment where I feel comfortable, and I want to have a good family. I have a lot of people who care about me, but i've alwayys been detached from them...

I enjoy talkiong about things on Neo. I like expressing my opinons, as well as listening to others.

I enjoy helping people with their problems. This may seem a bit contradictory, since I am a bit insensitive and seemingly without compassion. But I emjoy elping a person who wants to make themselves better.

_ _ _ _ _ _
An Aggie fan came up to a Husker fan Friday night before the game. The two began to talk about college football, the next day's game with the Huskers and about tradition in college football.

"Down at A&M, we have the best tradition in college football," he said proudly.

"We have Reveille, the Twelfth Man, we have the best band in the world. And, you get to kiss your girlfriend after every Aggie score. What traditions do yaw'll have up here in Nebraska?" he asked.

"Winning," the Husker fan deadpanned."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here is the list of some of the music I like. It's not all inclusive, but if you've never heard of at least 1/4 of them, them you probably don't understand me at all.

(My life blood. Albums "The Joshua Tree" and "The Unforgetable Fire" are essential to my existance)

Okay, here are the rest, in no special order, just when I think of them. Updates wil come...

The Police, Nat King Cole, Thelonlious Monk, Credence Clearwater Revival, Big Country, David Bowie, Men at Work, Simon and Garfunkle, James Taylor, Burl Ives, Boots Randolph, ACDC, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Beastie Boys, Styx, Sting, Neil Young, Dave Mathews Band, Gap T Band, Bruce "The Boss" Springstein, The Eagles, Yes, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones; some Classical; Christmas Songs! (esp. Marshmallow World, Do They Know its Christmas? [By Band-Aid... Bono is in it!], My Favorite Things, Original Frosty the Snowman- from the claymation movie, Happy Holidays- especially that cheerry "La La La" one by someone I don't know; Queen (how could i forget about them); Led Zepplin; ...


Odin gave up his right eye for wisdom. I'm afraid my heart has been the forfeit instead...

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