Hello. I've seen you around neoseeker so i decided to sign your guestbook. i hope to see you around soon. You can sign back if you want.
Well, I officially lost all contact with CO1

Sorry all my neofriends.

Comiong back and seeing all this, it makes me wonder.... it's been so long since I was the original CO, and now a lot has changed.

All good things, all learning processes, though.

It's funny, CO1 lasted almost exactly one year to the day I got into Neoseeker. I think I started up CO2 on July 6th, ten days prior to my 1 year aniversary, so to say.

Singing my owne gustbook.... very odd.

Hey, but not really. Odd is... well, this is one of the less odd and more easily explainable happenings.

once again, thanks though, to all the people who signed/looked at CO1's stuff.

I forgot about it, I will have to check my old home and old bio.... it will be cool to see all the changes.....

"Until Next Time"
u dunno me and I really dunno u but ur biography is awesome!! haha...and I thought all my crap was long!!! haha! well u seem really cool so I thought I'd sign! lol! sign mine back!! u don't have to read quite as much on my profile haha:P

Hey, seen ya around the dating thread thingie, thought i would stop by and say hello.

I enjoy reading your comments on there, you're so smart! :-P Hopefully I'll see ya around!

Just stopping by to sign your guestbook ^^

Oh! So you are the person with that very revealing banner! XD Nice to see that you fixed it! Anyways, I have seen your posts in the Pets/Animals forum a lot and I just came by to sign this thingy. ^^ See yous!

Wow,it took me awhile to read your whole profile.Man,you are a very..interesting?different?Unique?psychic?I dunno if its true,but you read minds?Thank god you can't see meEven if you could,I'd make sure you cant read mine.I am good at hiding my emotions.I like my privacyAnyways,you seem like a nice guy and so I'll just sign your guestbook.Hope to see ya more in the forums.
Hey, a fellow New Yorker, eh? Well thats cool.

I've seen you around the forums before (IE and harvest moon) and liked reading your posts!

Happy holidays to you to!

Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
No, not the big evil from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the first person to sign your book. How does that feel?
So, thanks for signing my book and I'll see you around. Oh yeah!
Ultimate G-book revenger attack! 9999hp damage. You = dead.