I have made a new neohome!!! I'm sooo exited go check it out and tell me what ya think about it!

Have a good one Coi Cki!!

**Waves bye**
hay, ive never done this before. and the reson im doing this is your the only person other then me to make call of juarez bound in blood a favorite forum. the game releses in like 2 days and im the only one to post there so mabe you and some of your freinds could come and start posting. just post there or pm me(never done that ether). thanks for everything.

Hope you have a good one!
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You seem really nice.Thanks for the add! I am actually shocked, I expected a lot of harsh criticism when I entered this site. That's why I was so geared up to rip some heads off.
I'm actually really nice!!
Hey thanks for signing my Guestbook. Command & Conquers awesome to bad EA didn't release it on PSP like they said they would hope you like my stamp cya
except Zombie Apples for all!!!

(Hope your doing well)

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Hi coi, you tell us that we have to unlock the gnome before we do any of the cheats, what isthe gnome and how do we unlock the thing? lol because im confused!
im always in gt4 till i get a new game...
anyway if you have a question about something in the game ask me okay later:)
I'm on my usual signing spree!
Life is da bomb!
Enjoy it now or i'll desroy the world in a few days!

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First person to answer my question. Much gratitude. By the way, I'm primarily signing this because I've never done so before, so, ok. stay cool.