New 3DS! Who else is excited? :D
shooby dooby doo shooby dooby doo do do do

During today's Sony press conference in Cologne, a new Silent Hillwas confirmed, and development is being helmed by Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Just let that sink in a moment.

The new Silent Hill will a...

Welp, looks like my lifes going to hell.

Oh, those glorious, youthful days when Digimon ran during the afternoons once school was over. That wonderful cartoon was both fun, hilarious, and seated a need to watch

Capcom fans now have a mega reason to rejoice! Mega Man will soon be making some appearances on the Nintendo Wii U as a part of Mega Man month -- or in layman's terms, Augus...

happy fourth of july everyones
Today is probably the worst day ever.
All my life, is changing every day, every possible way~!
New leaf is taking up way to much of my time in only two days.
setting up a new game room this week. supa exited
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