I live with my mom and step dad and am an only child. I have 6 girls in my aunts side of the family. My dad ran off without paying child support and I am pissed at him, so I am a bit of a feminist. Dont worry I dont think PMS gives me a reason to bite mens heads off.... I fully acknowlege it is their fault. heheh. I am somewhat of an amature ghost hunter, but I know my boundaries, and also an outdoors chick. I usually like anything that is abnormal.


I like to read books of all sorts, and am a backwards person. I dont think logically, and say what I mean backwards or opposite to whatever I mean. I like writing and poetry and chocolate. YUM!
I spend lots of time reading and stuff like that, but if you want to know any more u can Pm me and I will give you candy HEHEHE did I mention I had a wonkavision thingy, so I can send chocolate everywhere. Its like Nabster only not stealing. j/k


"How many of you are telekinetic? Raise my hands."

Free Tibet-No man is an Island If you agree, feel free to quote me!
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