Completed Ven's story, almost done with Terra's and have a save file started for Aqua's KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep PSP
All 16 badges and beat Red PokemonGold GBC
Beat Sephiroth, have all Ultima Weapons, have all characters FinalFantasy7 PSX
Beat main story line, got Ultima Weapon, legendary weapons and Onion Knight Job FinalFantasy3 NES
All characters @ level 100, beat final and secret boss, have all summoins and Ultima Weapons FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings DS
Beat second playthrough on Hard Mode CrisisCoreFinalFantasy7 PSP
Beat all stories, beat Chaos, beat Inward Chaos, unlolcked Shantotto and Gabranth DissidiaFinalFantasy PSP
Beat main storyline, captured and purified all shadow Pokemon, obtained Kanto Starters with elemental hyper beams PokemonXDGaleOfDarkness GC
Completed main storyline, did all Ranger Net missions, got Manaphy Egg, captured all Pokemon PokemonRanger DS
Beat Pokemon League and have one Silver Frontier Symbol PokemonEmerald GBA
All 16 badges and beat Red PokemonCrystal GBC
Caught and purified all shadow Pokemon and beat main storyline and extra post game storyline, obtained Ho-oh PokemonColosseum GC
Beat Pokemon League, completed Sevi Islands PokemonLeafGreen GBA
Beat Pokemon League and completed Sevi Islands PokemonFireRed GBA

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