lordevil CloudStrife7709
May 10, 05 3:11am
Hey CloudStrife7709, I saw you in the gigantic list of names, so I thought that I would sign your GB.

Sign back and PM me if you want. Bye.

From the one and only,
SunnyDelight CloudStrife7709
May 01, 05 9:01pm
Thanks for signing my Guestbook! yeah I watch caseclosed!
LilBlackRose CloudStrife7709
Oct 06, 04 2:33am
I got my first stamp.Pm me and tell me what you think about it.

Thanks for signing my GB. If you get a stamp, can you stamp me.
Spyro Princess CloudStrife7709
Sep 05, 04 12:00am
Hi! Signing your guestbook because you signed mine! Talk to ya later

Signed by...
Soraslight CloudStrife7709
Jul 23, 04 10:19am
No gb entries. Oui buun drehk...rikkmac. But yea! I'm the first one! I'll come back when I got a stamp and stamp you. But I got to go make it first. Pm me if ya need anything and sign my gb. Dem yhudran tyo, so vneaht. Caa oy! (It's Al Bhed)