No. You have failed me :o .

Fantasy Life, Level-5's mix of fantasy RPG and simulated life a la Animal Crossing, may not have found the outrageous success of some of the developer's other major franchises. It's hard to compare to siblings like Yo-kai Watch and Inazuma Eleven. Ne...

I made a siggy for GlaceonGuy but he was rude enough now to use it ;) .
Cecilia, you're breaking my heart, you're shaking my confidence daily. Oh Cecilia, I'm down on my knees, Im begging you please to come home.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf THE GOOD:+ Vibrant, detailed graphics and realistic sounds+ Diving addition+ QR codes for patterns+ In-game minigames+ New items, shops, and characters+ WiFi connection+ Customization+ Endless hours of gameplay+ WiF...

In Aegina, my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town, its been Bunny Day (Easter Sunday) for three days xD

I've decided that your all going to start playing Animal Crossing: NL again, so chop chop, get to it!

Hi! So I would so like to catalog someone's crown. The little one. Or both if you have both. I'd like to order the

I am leaving neoseeker for good. I'm sorry, but I can't deal with it anymore. I might come back one day, I'm sorry!
Am I the only person who LOVES vanilla coke?
The venga bus is coming, and everybodies jumping, New York to San Francisco, an intercity disco!

Recently I did a bit of time travelling, and I have too many flowers! So you can come to my town to pick them up! Rules ~

W.I.P - Closed! Please do not post yet. Kell's Car Boot! Both rare and common items Rules General Rules: * Two o

Wow Kellan, I had no clue that you change your name! It's a unique name that I enjoy. Also, isn't it $10 for a name change? Have fun Cloud!
Cool Name Change Kellan ,Oops i should be calling you Cloud now :)
Cool name change!
Why is my school so crap!
'There are no red lights in a car chase!' - Go Go Tomago
Nice name change, Kellan.

I have a LOT of trees in my town that I need chopping down, but I'm having to use the normal axes when they are sold and

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