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Welcome to my neohome, I hope you will like it ^^
About Me
Hi, My name is Amanda but everyone calls me Mandy. Oh and my age is 13 and my birthday is August, 15, 1997. My hair is red. But it used to be blond. I got sick of it and changed. My eyes are brown with a bit of red in them, who knows maybe I'm evil. My friends in real life calls me wired- in a good way. What I like to where is skinny jeans- and only skinny jeans, but I do still where shorts. I have five cats, one, Mama Cat(Female), two, Poky (Male) three, Kitten,(Male) four, Harriet(Female) and five, Norman. (RIP)(Male) I live in Wakefield, Canada, Qu. It's a small town to the east of Ottawa.
Wanna talk to me?
You can add me on MSN but for Facebook I'll only add you if I know you well. Email: PM me, I love to make new friends.
My favorite bands are Anberlin, Hot Hot Heat and My Chemical Romance I love them all a lot and maybe to much...


Singer: Stephen Christian

Lead Guitar: Joseph Milligan

Bass: Deon Rexroat

Drums: Nathan Young

Guitar: Christian McAlhaney

Favorite Song: Inevitable

Why I love them so much: I love Stephen Christian's voice, it's fits right into the band. And the lyrics, their all so true. Did you know that Nathan Young was only fourteen when he joined Anberlin?

And now for a whole bunch of photos of Anberlin and Hot Hot Heat.

HIA, If you get to the end of this. You are awesome! :D