There is a little to say about me. I am property of the woman I love. She made me a winner, and completes me wholly. Everything you could say about me, is here in existance because of the woman I love and share my life and future with. She is my better half.


Infinite... eternal... and timeless. My love is as such.


The love of my life. She is my goddess, my angel, and my soulmate. She is what keeps me going when the world drags me down. I could not, nor would I ever wish to live without her. Other than my beloved, I enjoy writing, drawing, and playing games (odviously). I love the outdoors, and enjoy traveling and seeing different places. I am an avid reader and studier of the unknown.



Not just another FF game.

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Review: Oni - Bang! Future cop action galore!

Jul 11, 2002

Konoko Rocks!!! There now that I have that out of my system let me tell you a bit more. Oni is a very fascinating game in my opinion. It is graced with a very nice and well rounded style of gameplay. It is fast, fast paced, and flows well. Sadly...

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