Chronoboy Cloakblade5
Aug 30, 07 10:47am
Hey.How's it going?Man this place is a little empty!Well's another friend for you to take on.

I saw you had a DS.Pretty neat,huh?I like mine(I have a DS Lite).I also saw you like Luminous Arc.I was going to get it but...ah,I just didn't know what it was like.It'd be cool if you could tell me a bit about it.

If you couldn't tell,I'm a big Nintendo fan.Looks like you are too,lol.Gotta love em'.To confirm this,I just got a Wii for my B-day!If you ever need any tips on some games I might have just ask.I only have Twilight Princess right now but I plan on getting some more later on.

Anyways,I just wanted to stop by and say hi.If you need anything you know who to call.

Later Partner,