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Jan 6, 13 6:37pm

Keeping fit

Hello to my avid readers,

So today i went to the shops and bought some weights, to keep fit and bulk on some muscle. I've done it before, but have some what stopped doing most of my exercise routines. Mostly because i quit my job a couple of months ago, so my motivation to do anything has been some what lacking. As a result of this lack of motivation, I've put on a little bit of unwanted weight. Not a lot, but enough to notice on an athletic figure like mine. So i decided to go and buy some weights so keep in shape.

Now you're probably wondering why i don't go for a run and to answer your question, i do..sort of. Basically, I've only recently started to go for a run again, due to a medical problem i recently got. I sort of got a tumor in my left leg, a benign one, but one that gives me considerable pain, which stops me from running. Now since i haven't worked for 2 months, my leg has recovered a bit, allowing me to go for a run again. I can tell you, i love running, it's so peaceful. Nothing to bug you, push you or put you down. It's just you, at your own pace, doing what you like. You are essentially free for a period of time, getting in tune with your own body. Very peaceful right?

So i've started doing this for the last couple weeks, but over X-mas and stuff, i kind of got a little side tracked and stopped. So last night, and today, and from now onwards, I am keeping up my routine, in fact I'm even going to write it down so i don't get lazy one day and slack off; gotta keep motivated after all, and what better way than a piece of paper telling you what you still have left to do. :)

So that's basically my thoughts on it all, and my experiences of getting fit over the last couple of weeks. What are some of yours?

Signing off now


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