So it saddens me to tell you guys that our beloved mod Kaboom has decided that his time here is now up. He's decided to g

Okay, there has been a lot of discussion about potential lately because of AT's latest comments regarding Goku and Vegeta

So im going through and reading Dragonball again, not for facts, but just to refresh everything. Im only reading a fanslation

So it seems there are people making fan fics, and it made me want to start one. It's an idea I came up with on the fly, a

So we know that the world of FFX is basically the world proceeding FFVII. We know that Shinra, and the relevant company, expl

Clief as VS Gybe as

I was under the impression that it was viewed on the way to the Guadosalam, or the Macalania Temple. I forget which one.

This is a question I asked here a couple of years ago. I want to see what the people in this forum, now that's it's m

Tseng_Eclipse vs Clief

Okay, it's been brought to my attention that some members of the forum would like to run another debate tournament. I'

So it's pretty well established that SPC was at the very least SSJ2 tier. It's not overly established just how strong

This is a base Goku that can't use Kaio Ken, he must stay base. Through my numbers, and using Saiyan Saga Goku at the lea

Sup Clief! You're up late! What you up to for NYE?

Okay, I have a question, which I think is an interesting one, but I guess I'll let you guys decide that. So, here it i

Hello readers :)

So, this past week I've had two interviews for different jobs and have yet to hear back from them. One of them is to start my new career in Real Estate. It got me thinking about all the times in the past year that I've had to wait some very important news.

2012 was the year that my son was born, it was the year that i found out i had a tumor in my leg as well, both pieces of information life changing in their own right. Now i have to wait to know whether i can start a new career or not. Waiting for life changing information, i've decided, SUCKS!! The last few days I've been so up and down, being positive, riddled with negativity, just sucks. I don't care whether it's a yes or a no (well thats a lie), I just want an answer so i know if i have to move onto something else or not.

So it made me wonder, and i would like my readers to get involved with my blogs, who has had to wait for some life changing information before? What was it? How long did you have to wait for it? If you dont mind sharing, then leave me a comment, I'll respond to it.

Signing off

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Hello to my avid readers,

So today i went to the shops and bought some weights, to keep fit and bulk on some muscle. I've done it before, but have some what stopped doing most of my exercise routines. Mostly because i quit my job a couple of months ago, so my motivation to do anything has been some what lacking. As a result of this lack of motivation, I've put on a little bit of unwanted weight. Not a lot, but enough to notice on an athletic figure like mine. So i decided to go and buy some weights so keep in shape.

Now you're probably wondering why i don't go for a run and to answer your question, i do..sort of. Basically, I've only recently started to go for a run again, due to a medical problem i recently got. I sort of got a tumor in my left leg, a benign one, but one that gives me considerable pain, which stops me from running. Now since i haven't worked for 2 months, my leg has recovered a bit, allowing me to go for a run again. I can tell you, i love running, it's so peaceful. Nothing to bug you, push you or put you down. It's just you, at your own pace, doing what you like. You are essentially free for a period of time, getting in tune with your own body. Very peaceful right?

So i've started doing this for the last couple weeks, but over X-mas and stuff, i kind of got a little side tracked and stopped. So last night, and today, and from now onwards, I am keeping up my routine, in fact I'm even going to write it down so i don't get lazy one day and slack off; gotta keep motivated after all, and what better way than a piece of paper telling you what you still have left to do. :)

So that's basically my thoughts on it all, and my experiences of getting fit over the last couple of weeks. What are some of yours?

Signing off now


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Keen to start a new job

Hello readers :)

So even though I'm quite sure there is no one reading this, I'm still going to share my day with everyone. Today, i thoroughly cleaned my car. The inside, even with a cloth, the outside, even washing all my windows. needless to say, it's the cleanest my car has been since i bought it a little over a year ago. But i wasn't finished with just cleaning my car, no, i also cleaned up a part of my house. It looks heaps tidier now, i even tidied up all my movies and games, instead of them lying all over the floor. Tomorrow I'll probably clean up my room a bit, I'm sick of looking at it's mess. Well, i kinda cant see the floor :D.

That's not all i did today though, I played a bit of Call of Duty: BO2, got a little annoyed at it, so instead switched it out for Tales of Graces: f. I'm actually playing it as i type this up. It has to be my favourite JRPG since FFX came out, or FF7: Crisis Core...or even KH2. They just dont make good JRPG's these days, which is a little annoying. I find companies are too focused on graphics these days in any sort of game, and sacrifice a good story for it, which sucks. I'd rather play a bad looking game with a good story than look at something pretty. But I suppose developers will eventually learn this...perhaps.

I also uploaded a new video to my Youtube Channel. I'll leave a link for those that wish to watch it. I quite enjoy getting back into doing commentaries, I love entertaining people, which is why I'll continue to write a blog. I'll try to get one up every day, however hard it may be...lets hope i get some readers :)

I will continue to type up my thoughts on certain topics, r just let you all know what happened during my day, whichever i feel like writing at the time.

Here is the video as promised. If you could, check the actual video out and give it a like and a comment, it helps me out a lot.

Until next time,


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Hello people reading this Blog, which probably isn't too many.

It's been over a year, close to 2 years since i put up a blog and i didn't get too many people looking at them. But oh well, even if one person would like to read about my life, that's one person who's experiencing something :).

I think I'll reveal who i am in little parts as i continue to do these blogs, so without further a do, i shall reveal something small about my online self as opposed to who i am in real life this time around.

Basically I'm known as Clief, or Clief101, depending where i am. I frequent the FF, NDL, COD, DB forums around here, probably not too well known as a member but have been around for close to 3 years, racking up my post count. In fact i am the third highest poster in the NDL, or Neo-Duelist League, so i do try to talk a fair bit, with a bit of up beat personality added into those posts of course. That's not all i am though. I also, if you look at my signature, have a Youtube channel. I upload commentaries over gameplays, or i used to. It's been some time since i actually did it consistently until a few weeks ago when i started uploading for frequently. Unfortunately, a lot of my subs don't watch my videos anymore, so my views have gone from over a hundred to below ten, but never the less, i shall push on to build my sub base once more. Maybe some people reading this will go check it out.

I make my own signatures too, not very good ones mind you, but good enough so people don;t laugh at them. To be fair, some of the ones i've made deserve laughing at...i laughed at them :). I also do creative writing in the NDL, with some of my work posted in the Chronicles thread, you should go check some of it out if you're interested. I've nothing but good feedback in terms of the story, i know it needs to be polished, but they are merely drafts for a much larger piece of work. That's mostly my online life right there. You will find other footprints around of me, but mostly in forums that are dead now, or dont have much activity, which is why it's left to pretty much the two sites i've mentioned.

If anyone does read this, please leave a comment for me, or a like, so i know at least one person is interested in reading more. It wont make a difference as to whether i continue or not, but it would be nice knowing people at reading :)

Clief signing off, have a good day :D

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