So, i've been doing some thinking lately (shocker, i know) about how effective Power Levels truly are. I think they play

So I've been thinking about something, and it may help out some peoples PL lists. This isn't really an endeavor to he

Okay, so much like the Broly thread, this is designed to keep all discussion surrounding Gotenks in one thread. All discussio

So we move onto the second General Discussion. @CatouttaHell is apparently back @Cellza posted a wierd video @withh

I've been thinking about this over the last few days and thinking of a way it could have been done better so to avoid suc

I think the seires would've been better if the DB's didn't bring people back to life. Having Krillin, Master Rosh

I think this would've been really cool. To have been a war at some stage of the series instead of constant 1v1 fights. Pe

Here you will find Neoseeker's members who have put in the time and effort into creating either a Powerlevel List, or a F

Congratulations on becoming co mod of the Dragonball forum. I'm sure together we'll run this place greatly. Look forw

Fyrestorm vs Clief

Okay, so I know there are old threads that discussed the characters, but I want to start new ones because we have a bunch of

Hey guys, this is to replace the Off Topic thread that we have within the forum. It's going to be stickied at the top, an

So with the departure of Kaboom, and things bothering me around here as of late, I will be going through and revising the for

So it saddens me to tell you guys that our beloved mod Kaboom has decided that his time here is now up. He's decided to g

Okay, there has been a lot of discussion about potential lately because of AT's latest comments regarding Goku and Vegeta

So im going through and reading Dragonball again, not for facts, but just to refresh everything. Im only reading a fanslation

So it seems there are people making fan fics, and it made me want to start one. It's an idea I came up with on the fly, a

So we know that the world of FFX is basically the world proceeding FFVII. We know that Shinra, and the relevant company, expl

I was under the impression that it was viewed on the way to the Guadosalam, or the Macalania Temple. I forget which one.

This is a question I asked here a couple of years ago. I want to see what the people in this forum, now that's it's m

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