Seeking the following: 1. Shiny Feebas, Moon Ball, EMs Confuse Ray, Default English name. Bonus = Hypnosis, Dragon Pulse,

LF: mamoswine w/ ice shard ready to go, to try and beat the super singles chatelaine (I don't breed or train competitivel

I keep forgetting to look for the mega stones at 8-9pm, and I really want to use my kangaskhan today while I have time off, w

I need to know exactly what to enter in the met tab to allow pokemon to pass through into pokebank XD Someone suggested p

First up, understand that I don't battle, at all, I'm probably the least capable player in that sense you'll ever

Shiny pokemon in apricorn or other rareballs such as dream or sport. No nicknames though. No need for IVs or natures either.

Any IVs any moves, just would really like it in a luxury ball if possible. Can breed one of my HA females for it (don't

English with no name but dont need IVs or anything else in particular. Have some egg move males and rareball females for

It's been so long since I actually followed the plot of the story that I don't really remember where I was "up t

Seeking: Male Klefki with 4EMs Male Phantump with 4EMs OR Female Klefki with 4EMs and HA Female Phantump with 4EMs

Simple c: It's the second to last pokemon for my entire national living dex XD

Very highly prefer default english names, not into nicknames but maaay take a Japanese default name if it's Flabebe and c

They MUST be english default name, no japanese or nicknames. Landorus doesn't have to be dream radar, but I'd particu

I'm only 14 Pokemon away from finishing my national living dex collection, the only condition is that they all need to ha

I know it's probably pretty unlikely, but if it's the letter C I would love that XD I know they are super rare though

Can't manage to find one on the GTS x - x I have bank ball females, and one last DB HA F Slowpoke + 4ems, or I can trad

I'm trying to find an english default name version of it for my collection c:

I have more than what is listed here, but I've only got time to breed so many, so I'm just listing what is ready to t

I only keep the females and all the males I get have gone into a separate pile, and I was wondering if anyone was actually lo

Have: Shiny JPN Zorua in Dusk Ball (lvl 1 UT) 3IV Shiny Jumpluff in Ultra Ball (lvl 31) unknown IVs Shiny Ralts Female in

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