Dec 3, 14 7:44am
I Believe The 3ds Version Of Smash Makes You Better. Why? There's No Quick Smash Stick...At Least Till Next Year.
CkyMomo shared a link
Oct 23, 14 11:20am

Just recently got a new system so my ENTIRE collection of safaris is gone down the drain (dittos included smh) So I'm lo

Aug 17, 14 12:26pm
The Transition From Pad To Fightstick Is A Tough One But Doable
Mar 25, 14 1:46am
To Believe Anything, Doubt Everything...
Mar 25, 14 1:46am
They Building Concentration Camps But For Who Tho? We Taking Prisoners Now? No They're For You Silly If You Don't Get That Chip. :)
CkyMomo shared a forum thread
Feb 12, 14 11:30am

Nothing too special just need the natures I can do IVs myself, thanks.

CkyMomo shared a forum thread
Feb 6, 14 2:00pm

╰☆╮Welcome to the _B_lack _K_nights╰☆╮ Formerly the Oblivion Clan, Knights of Oblivia, E

Jan 29, 14 2:28pm
New DBZ game is aiiite, could be a little better but thats what sequels are for =D,
CkyMomo shared a forum thread
Jan 29, 14 11:58am

Gen1: pidgeotto rattatta raticate spearow fearow clefairy ninetails wigglytuff parasect venonat diglett persian

CkyMomo shared a forum thread
Jan 17, 14 11:43am

Must be willing to let me test it out 1st, I think that's fair since I AM giving away 6 IV legendary. I have no reason

Jan 14, 14 1:46pm
It Irritates The Shit Outta Me When A Pokemon Dont Wanna Clone!
CkyMomo shared a forum thread
Jan 14, 14 4:56am

Check me out I'm legit 100%

CkyMomo shared a forum thread
Jan 14, 14 4:11am

I have other legends like jirachi, celebi and victini but I only have 1 copy and it's late so I'm not cloning till to

Jan 14, 14 2:36am
Shiny Aint Shit But A Color Change, Thats Why I Give Shitty Collateral Just To Show How Unsignificant They Are. BarginingChips
Jan 14, 14 2:09am
I Wish There Was An UNSELFISH Ability That You Could Breed Onto Humans On This Site. Smfh
CkyMomo shared a forum thread
Jan 13, 14 12:54pm

Looking For Any Shiny or 4/5/6 IVs Pokemon I Finally Succeeded In Cloning, I Wanted To Get It Right Before I Did This.

CkyMomo shared a forum thread
Jan 13, 14 12:06pm

Ive Been Trying To Clone All Damn Night With No Luck, Anybody Out There That Hook Me Up With Some Tips? I Wanna Learn To H

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