The Transition From Pad To Fightstick Is A Tough One But Doable
To Believe Anything, Doubt Everything...
They Building Concentration Camps But For Who Tho? We Taking Prisoners Now? No They're For You Silly If You Don't Get That Chip. :)

Nothing too special just need the natures I can do IVs myself, thanks.

╰☆╮Welcome to the _B_lack _K_nights╰☆╮ Formerly the Oblivion Clan, Knights of Oblivia, E

New DBZ game is aiiite, could be a little better but thats what sequels are for =D,

Gen1: pidgeotto rattatta raticate spearow fearow clefairy ninetails wigglytuff parasect venonat diglett persian

Must be willing to let me test it out 1st, I think that's fair since I AM giving away 6 IV legendary. I have no reason

It Irritates The Shit Outta Me When A Pokemon Dont Wanna Clone!

Check me out I'm legit 100%

I have other legends like jirachi, celebi and victini but I only have 1 copy and it's late so I'm not cloning till to

Shiny Aint Shit But A Color Change, Thats Why I Give Shitty Collateral Just To Show How Unsignificant They Are. BarginingChips
I Wish There Was An UNSELFISH Ability That You Could Breed Onto Humans On This Site. Smfh

Looking For Any Shiny or 4/5/6 IVs Pokemon I Finally Succeeded In Cloning, I Wanted To Get It Right Before I Did This.

Ive Been Trying To Clone All Damn Night With No Luck, Anybody Out There That Hook Me Up With Some Tips? I Wanna Learn To H

I Want Dittos And Eevees For Now (4+ IVs since the parent has 4 + Destiny Knot)

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