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"Yeah, I miss you...a lot. Doesn't change a thing. Sorry."

{01.26.08} Introduction:

Welcome all. I finally got around to editing my Neohome, in my free time. Actually
it's five minutes till midnight here in California, so you can imagine why I'd be
pretty "un-booked". My home color scheme should be easy to guess: Red and Black.
I guess it somewhat matches my current avatar, but who knows? My style of
banners/colors/avatars seems to change so quickly it's difficult to keep up with.
I do my best though. I thank all who encouraged me to start my neohome
again. Hmm, now I have to think of what to write. I'll come up with
something, eventually!

Now, apart from the basic Neohome categories (Friends, Bio, etc.) I do have somewhat
of a theme. The Twilight Series of books by Stephenie Meyer. They are realistic
fantasy (if that makes sense) and about an average girl who falls madly in
love with a vampire. I highly suggest you read the books, there are three so
far. I know of two more that are coming out. One is a continuation of
the series and the other is a special edition book of some kind. I'll
explain more about all this stuff later.

{01.27.08} The List:

| My Co-Modz. |

Celestial Pichu


Country Girl

Dark Arcanine
| Mai fwuffy orange knight in teh orange armourz. |


Entei luver


| Oh how I wish he'd come back.. |



Lavender Blush

luv pugs

Oceanic Sun



swampert X

The Rising Nebula

The Rock 13

Yoshi Egg


{01.27.08} NeoBiography

Meh, I'm feeling lazy today. I'll give the story to you quickly. I googled
harvest moon cheats, I came here, became a registered member, made lots of GREAT friends, had
some slight drama issues, became a mod, demoted due to low PPD, started some
contributing, and now I'm living mai Neolife.

Yes, I might explain it with more detail later, but not right now. I'm hungry.
Here, I'll find a cute pic to occupy you all. RAWR:

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