Spyro Circe
Apr 13, 09 10:06pm

I finally cleared my PM inbox. I had to delete every single PM.

Lavender Blush Circe
Feb 27, 09 8:37pm

You know... I haven't done one of these signings in such a long, long, long time! I don't even have a stamp! =O Grr, oh well.

Ooh, but look at what I do have!

Hehe, cool monkey. xDDD! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for always being a good friend! Haha, I remember the old times when you were SnoopyMaster and I was xprincezchrissyx... Good times, good times! =D Seriously though, you've always been there for me, you are absolutely fabulous! (:

I wish I knew what else to say... Uhm what do people say when their signing someone's guestbook? I'll have to find out. Well, I hope I can think of something and I won't just be talking about thinking about what people say when they sign someone's guestbooks. <-- Oh great! xD! Haha. =P

Chrissy <3

Princess Gow Gow Circe
Dec 31, 08 1:00am
Hey Sammie!

Take care!

Princess Gow Gow
Katsumi Circe
Dec 25, 08 7:07pm

Merry Christmas!
Hope you're having a great time, opening presents, and doing all sorts of christmas-y things, too bad I can't do such things,as I don't celebrate Christmas. XD


Hey, Sammie.

Did you get anything special for Christmas?
Anything suprising? :3
(Oh, And I promise again,that I won't tell. ;3)

I'm going to a Christmas party for the heck of it, its going to be a blast. :3
Hope you enjoy your Christmas, ;3

Warm regards,
Aina <3
Jordii Circe
Dec 24, 08 8:53pm
When I think of all the times we've shared
from the happy to the sad
You've been the greatest friend to me
through good times and through bad.
We love to get crazy from time to time,
that's what friends are supposed to do
But when times get rough
there is never a doubt that I can count on you.
We have the kind of friendship
that endures 'til the very end
Because I can't imagine my life without you~
My Best and Forever Friend

With love,
Lost in Azure Circe
Dec 21, 08 6:46pm
Hello Sammie! Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) from me and all the members of K.H. Crew. I hope you have enjoyed your stay here, and I hope you will have many more great experiences in the future in the crew! Don't forget to sign up for the Christmas event on the third post of the thread. The Christmas event takes place on the 27th and again on the 29th of December at two different times to compliment (hopefully) your time zone. Be one of the first three and you'll get in, and if there aren't enough members, sign up for both! Don't forget, if you don't have the game yet, you can still safe a spot for if you do get the game before the event starts!

So, in last remark enjoy the holiday!
Martins Circe
Dec 9, 08 10:23pm
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for completing my request in such a short amount of time. It's a great piece of work, and if you only just started using Photoshop... Wow.

Thanks again
Phenomena Circe
Nov 29, 08 2:58am


How are you, Sam?

You're getting so much better at graphics!
Narphinean Circe
Nov 9, 08 11:11pm
No way, you've got yourself a new name now? Well, I'll always remember you as Snoopy. Good thing or bad thing?

P.S. Please don't turn any sailors into pigs.
pikachu_2008 Circe
Oct 25, 08 4:00pm
thought i stop by and give you a stamp, thanks for being a good friend

Jediblue Circe
Oct 12, 08 10:35pm
Sorry, I just got started signing guestbooks, but hey. Thanks for the banner.

(I do not know if this works)
Sakuraba Neku Circe
Aug 1, 08 11:24pm
Hi Sam .

Just wanted to say your closet is comfy, and that I hope we can keep talking an become good friendzorz.
Phenomena Circe
Jul 31, 08 8:08pm

I Just Signed Your Guest Book!

I'm not on your friend list?
JK...But Still..=[
You...l-like my first decent friend....
Mario 13 Circe
Jul 29, 08 3:54pm
Hey,I have come to give you my stamp!Thanks for always listening to what i say,and for being a great friend.Do i present to you...My stamp! ~mario~
yello man Circe
Jul 14, 08 4:14am

I love it a lot and hope
to see you around the foum.
Now i am going to use it.
Megacoolstar Circe
Jul 6, 08 11:57pm
I finished my suprise! This, is your very own exclusive stamp for my Best friend and best Twilight Lover ever. Try as hard as you wish, But you wont find this stamp in any other guest book! This took forever to make, since i had to find all the charecters and post them on the background.

Luffs from Mega!
PS. James told me he was going to ask you out. And make you a vampire if you help him kill Edward.
fankidyeah Circe
Jun 30, 08 2:57pm
hi hi thanks for the avatar an sig lol

here is the opening song for lucky star the show the girls r from lol
Marooned Chic Circe
Jun 26, 08 2:11am

Hello Friend!
Take Care!

Your friend, Refia.
musiclover17 Circe
Jun 13, 08 2:45pm
I came to sign your guestbook....i can't believe i haven't yet...anyways, i know im part of the Derek-loving fan club (or whatever you called it), but you and James are part of the sneek-off-on-vacation-together-club....lol.....i crack myself up sometimes...but you already knew that..

Chloe_Lover Circe
Jun 9, 08 10:03am
Hi Snoopy! I made a new stamp! You're the first one to have it in your Guestbook! I just wanted to tell that you are a great Moderater and a great friend!

Major Lynette Circe
Jun 7, 08 12:21pm
Hi Snoopy! I'm on a stamping spree, thought I'd drop by.

Chloe_Lover Circe
May 17, 08 6:03am
Hi there SnoopyMaster! I just wanted to say hi!

I searched again just for you!
Lavender Blush Circe
May 8, 08 8:26pm

You can have a cookie to begin with. =D

Well, I'm on a stamping spree and decided to sign your guestbook!
{ Whether, you like it or not... Although I hope you do. }
Besides I just couldn't miss my bestest friend!

Lavender Blush; xprincezchrissyx

Aether Circe
May 4, 08 5:11pm
Congrats on winning the Rune Factory Awards!

♥ AE ♥
Dark Arcanine Circe
Apr 28, 08 2:56am
I'mma stamping your guestbook Sammiez! Thankies for being such a good friend for so long.

Remember I'm always here for you.