kitkat1992sammy Cilly
Nov 24, 04 10:08pm
im sam dont ask if im a boy its so wrong....well anyway... ive added u to my msn adress hope dats alright with u. ure cheatsr fantastic to say the least. and im not some posh londoner from london.ALL OF U WHO R READING CILLYS GUESTBOOK SIGN MINE OR EMAIL ME AT k! fanks 4 listenin
LeoPup19 Cilly
Sep 28, 04 7:19am
hiya! i was cruisin around the sims 2 forum and saw u there. just wanted 2 drop by and say hi... please sign back... by the way luv ur quotes . well, i hope 2 see u around!
gaiablade64 Cilly
Jul 27, 04 11:26pm
Hows it going we haven't talked for a while sign back please.
DeathOverLife Cilly
Dec 9, 03 8:50pm
Nice to meet you too, hope to get to know you better also. Check out my profile if you havn't already. Well, see you around!

DeathOverLife Cilly
Nov 18, 03 2:37pm
I seen you in the FFX-2 forum, decided to say hi, I love FF games also, sign me guestbook or PM me sometime Later!

Oct 19, 03 5:32am
hey how u been hunn.. i thought id signe ur guest u kinda made me lol n e ways yea u no that song thats on tha radio..tahts ok me either lol haha making convo cause i have to write alot i guess n e ways peace ill ttyl byes (L)(K) basbie rebel
_Shinigami_ Cilly
Jul 28, 03 3:20pm
hey there cilly. i am shinigami. how was ur day? well i am just signing ur guestbook. well i have to go now well talk to ya later. and hope to see you around the forums. bye
ocinom Cilly
Jul 24, 03 7:28am
Hey how are ya? Well I'm just signing your guestbook, but I not sure if I sign your yet... But anyway it doesn't ever matter. I hope you return in a favor. LATER DAYS
Black Knight Cilly
Jul 11, 03 6:29am
i also wnat to know you better. i saw that mariomaster02 signed your book. i just talked to him. well, in neoseeker. i-can't really remember where i met you but if it was in zelda(probably was!) here is a dance remix i found on the internet. i hope it works! u like it!
Wasabi Mui Cilly
Jun 3, 03 12:50am
Hey Hiya Cilly, i would of signed your guestbook earlier, but i had just notice that someone had signed my g-bookie so i though i come a tag you g-bookie.
Have Fun,
Wasabi Mui (Amy)
Sheares Cilly
Jun 1, 03 12:41pm
Hay, you know what? i forgot to sign you're guestbook, sorry. Well see you aroundand hope your haveing fun, and i found this picture, is'nt it sooooooooo cute?
BeNfIcA Cilly
May 26, 03 3:56am
hey whats up? ive seen you i the pokemon Silver forum and decided to drop by and sign your guestbook. I hope i answerd your question in the forum.. well ill se ya around.
MarioMaster02 Cilly
May 15, 03 10:12am
Hi, I'm glad we became friends now, for that I will sign your guestbook again, I just thought I'd tell you once more that I will never hurt Chobi in any way, well see ya later, I hope to conyinue to talk with you and Chobi at HM3
gdog2011 Cilly
May 4, 03 12:32pm
Heh i thought i'd sign ur guestbook again for sum non-apparent reason, well ill always be there to put up w/ your crap, hope to see you more around, later times...

LordMaChao Cilly
Apr 25, 03 2:58am
Hey, I must say I'm sorry I forgot to sign you guest book. It totally slipped my mind. ^^0

You're a good friend as well, we should really talk more. I'll see you around the Sims forums...
bignac Cilly
Apr 17, 03 7:19am
Hey, I'm Chobi's friend on Neo. She asked us people at the Pokemon Stadium 2 Forum to be friends with you, so I'm signing your guestbook, and I hope you can talk over at the General Discussion over at that forum, later Cilly, hope we can be the best of friends.

MarioMaster02 Cilly
Apr 17, 03 7:00am
Hey Chobi asked me to sign your guestbook, so what's up, I'm like Chobi's best friend on Neo and I can be yours too, well anyway I gotta go see ya'........................ ...............
Amy Cilly
Apr 12, 03 9:20pm
**signs** ya happy now?

I don't really care if anyone signs my guestbook. Why do you want people to sign it anyway??

But oh well... HIYA

gdog2011 Cilly
Apr 9, 03 3:34am
Hey I have bsolutly no clue what to say but i hope oa get to know you better...have fun and dont get on Chobi's bad side or she might attack you (although u know better then anyone)...cyas...

Auria Cilly
Apr 8, 03 7:04pm
Hey gurl, lol I don't know really what to say. I bet I don't make the limit thingy .

Cya around

Melody Cilly
Apr 8, 03 2:55pm
signing guestbook.....*writing*......There yaz go! I have to place me stamp!

The lil pichus....^-^
I hope we get to see each other more often!
Well good-byez for now!