Ciel Phantomhive
Jul 31, 15 3:24am
You are fast, approver. xD
Ciel Phantomhive
Jul 31, 15 3:17am
started a discussion titled "Are boxshots like this acceptable on Neo?" in Site Contributor's Forum
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Jul 31, 15 3:17am

Without most of the white background

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Jul 31, 15 1:15am

--Spoiler-- As you can see, I only had Wii, Wii U and PS4 checked when I was uploading. But when I pressed "Continue&qu

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Jul 26, 15 9:24pm

I uploaded a of http://finalfantasy.n

Ciel Phantomhive
Jul 26, 15 7:00pm
*bleep* this Hoopa!! 1/31/31/29/31/31
Ciel Phantomhive
Jul 25, 15 3:50am
The next mystery guy for Pokemon will be named "I." Calling it now.
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Jul 24, 15 11:47pm

So, I thought of this when I was posting in the H&H Thread. Archeops is a really powerful Pokemon sporting a 140 Attack s

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Jul 22, 15 10:45pm

Well, it's not like I've seen all of them yet, but seeing all those legendary Pokemon in one movie is just nnnhhggg...

Hoopa-Confined first summoned a Lugia to battle the shadow of Hoopa-Unbound. Unbound was preoccupied with Ash and Confined, so at first Lugia was wrecking Unbound with Dragon Rushes. Eventually, Unbound got pissed with Lugia for saving Ash and co., and used Dark Pulse and returned it to the ocean with one of its hoops.

Unbound then summoned Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Kyurem, Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre becuase Ash annoyed him. Confined summoned Latias, Latios and a shiny Rayquaza in response. Of course, Ash and Confined were screwed, especially since the 6 Pokemon were about to fire off their attacks. It's not like Ash and co. didn't try to fend themselves; the three Dragon Pokemon used Dragon Pulse, but 6 vs. 3 is just unfair so it looked like Unbound and co. won. That is, until the three Dragons Mega-Evolved.

The real battle began. Ash and Pikachu, while riding the Mega Lati twins were flying off everywhere to distract the legendary bitches, while the sexy Rayquaza dealt with them one by one. The black dragon first confronted Kyurem-Black (yes, it transformed, because Unbound previously captured Reshiram and Zekrom into its hoops.) Rayquaza was smart and lured the ice dragon's Freeze Shock to Primal G. Course, the T-rez froze into oblivion. For now, at least. Now, Rayquaza had to take the battle into the sea while battling Kyurem-White (it transformed again, yes.) Ash and Pikachu were still enjoying the onslaught of Primal Kyogre and its Origin Pulses. Primal G just melted, and Unbound just fell the Latis out of the air. Unbound then sensed the Prison Bottle was about to get fixed (it was broken because of Team Rocket) so it tried to attacked Barza and co., but Ash wasn't gonna let him: M-Latias attacked its teleported arm.

Now, they defend the tower of Arceus. Ash ordered M-Rayquaza to make a thunderstorm: the black princess soared into the ether and circled around the thunderclouds. It brought down the thundering hurricane and covered the tower. Next, Ash asked the twin to use Psychic on the storm and form a barrier. Unbound and co. fired their attacked: Dialga used Roar of Time, Palkia used Spatial Rend, Giratina used Shadow Ball, Primal Groudon used Lava Plume, Primal Kyogre used Hydro Pump and Unbound used Dark Pulse (of course, they're just guesses,) but they did nothing to the storm barrier. Unbound was intent to bring the hurricane down, though, so what it did was teleport the attacks of its legendary allies closer to the storm, and unfortunately, it was successful in bringing it down.


Ash and Confined were about to get clawed by Unbound, but Barza came to the rescue and paralyzed Unbound with the Prison Bottle. It was about to be a happy ending, until the Prison Bottle possessed Ash. He was about to release Unbound again, when Confined shared its happy memories with its evil shadow. Thankfully, it worked and Ash was able to release Hoopa-Confined peacefully. It then proceeded to return the legendaries it summoned. The calamity was about to end, when suddenly a massive evil storm came down upon the tower and tried to swallow everything in its path. Hoopa transported the people away from the hurricane, then Serena and co, Ash, Mary, and Barza and Hoopa. But the malevolent storm ended before devouring the two as a shining light came down from the heavens. Ash and co. saw the Almighty Arceus, who's late for the party, but they got snobbed. Awww. In the end, it was a happy ending. :)

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Jul 21, 15 2:45am

It can be especially useful for someone who's new or doesn't visit the forums and just submits articles for GameGrep.

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Jul 19, 15 1:11am

It's happened to me twice now. This was yesterday, --Spoiler-- And now, it's happening with Do t

Ciel Phantomhive
Jul 18, 15 5:36am
Pokemon Heroes. ;(((((
Ciel Phantomhive
Jul 18, 15 4:00am
H&H: Mod Edition 2K15

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