If X/Y peeps remember, when you complete the PokeDex with just Kalos-born Pokemon (except the legends you can't get in th

There're still several I need for the Oval and Shiny Charms. I require them to be Kalos- or Hoenn-born. Just touch trades

So now we all know you're 47% male and 53% female, and your height is 5'4" ;3 http://neo.ly/1uKWc2k
Looks like I won't be sleeping tonight. http://bit.ly/1DsK0gj

http://www.serebii.net/pokearth/maps/hoenn-oras/35.jpg _Ω・Welcome to Pokémon OR/AS' General Discus

--Quote Serebii-- The first teaser trailer has aired of the movie during Oha Suta. In this footage, it showcased Primal Groud

Both codes have been checked so they should work. PAL meaning they're only redeemable in a European or Australian console

Currently downloading Bravely Second demo. Fuhuhuhu.

What makes you keep opening up your game everyday? For me, it would be berry farming and exploring Mirage Spots. Berries (

Squeenix will be releasing it starting the 10th of this month on the Japanese eShop. Not really surprising but thought I'

No, that isn't a tongue twister. :laugh: Meet the Oblivion Emperor, in case you haven't him yet like me. http://i

Waiiiiiit, did Neo just increase avatar sizes?!?
Anonymous person, you made me blush and smile because of that early NeoGift. Thank youuu! <3

Okay, so once you beat the space virus, Zinnia disappears and major characters get their own cutscenes. And then there&#3

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The OT of the Beldum is dependent on your 3DS' region so I will be redeeming the Beldums in 7 languages but they will all

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