Finally the SSB demo. I don't know what I'm doing. ;-;
Proof that Fairies are not weak to Poison. This really will be one autumn to remember for you Am

Breeding Riolu was a bad idea. I mew it.

You must have at least 200 posts (or someone I've traded before that I can trust) and redeem the code in German language.

Just watched Maleficent. :D sweetness
Fastfood mafia. We lunch instead of lynch. Make this a thing, people!

I don't if it's been featured in gamegrep already but the has them listed now.

Why is people st00pid. smh
Idiots, idiots everywhere...
I finally reached 999:59 on Pokemon X! :epic:
Thanks, PokeBank! For locking me out everytime I need you.
OMG, this is hilarious asdfghjkl :laugh:
I am such an idiot sometimes. -________________-
Why must Pokemon Center goods be expensive. -____________-
On the way to Osaka. :D
You're like an Indian summer in the middle of a winter. <3


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