Quetzalcoatl Chronoboy
Mar 12, 11 11:47pm
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Dusk Chronoboy
Dec 24, 09 9:39pm

Merry Christmas Chrono!

I haven't talked to you in a while so drop a Pm one day! D:

This is Dutch Cutie btw.
Dragon Warrior1 Chronoboy
Jul 30, 09 6:42pm

Somewhere down the road, I came across the closest friends I could ever find. An immaginary road filled with people whose faces I've never seen before, and yet, I consider you as an important part of my life, whoever you are, out there in the real world.

If you've gotten this guestbook signing, you are on my friends list. Being on my friends list is something special, if you don't already know. All of you here who get this are very important people to me, even if you do not still remain here on neo to see my appreciation of you being my friend. Because you have this, we have history together, whether it be long lived or short lived. Whether we met in the casual forum topics, roleplay(s), clans in various forums, or through other people.

So, thank you for being my friend for all this time, and I hope to continue being friends.
Skillet Chronoboy
Mar 12, 09 2:02am
Figured I'd sign your guestbook since Pm'ed me.Sorry(No super awesome stamp included). Oh man 125 characters. oh that probably did it. and this and this and this.LOL see ya later.
Hyoren Chronoboy
Oct 30, 08 11:41pm

Lol, Matsuda is a pumpkin.
Heehee, have a happy Halloween Chronoboy.
HavensRaven Chronoboy
May 2, 08 1:33am
You should come back, and delete some PMs so we can talk.
You should.
I've got tons to tell you.

I still have no stamp... and I'm not sure how you use stamps anyway...

but come back quick.

HavensRaven Chronoboy
Apr 13, 08 3:31am
Well, I'm very upset with the ENTIRE WORLD, because there seems to be no SANE SMART HUMAN BEINGS IN THIS WORLD. (with the exception of a few on Neo)
YumiVonShippo2 Chronoboy
Apr 8, 08 1:05am
Well, you told me to post here, because your PM box is full. Hurry and delete some PMs so we can chat and you can delete this.

I am excited about your new RP. And hey, maybe Omega can be a Naruto rip-off ^^

Well sadly I have no stamp for you, because my last one wouldn't work. Unless it was supposed to be a white box with an X...

I'll see you around! ^^
Zengar Zombolt Chronoboy
Apr 3, 08 6:23am
Delete this signature after reading it.

No, I'm just waiting for you to delete your PMs. I cant send you anything, you're full.
HavensRaven Chronoboy
Mar 14, 08 3:39am
Jimmy Buffett? Honestly?
Did you listen to him before you met me? lol

Well, I saw that I haven't signed your guestbook yet... so...

Dragon Warrior1 Chronoboy
Feb 19, 08 5:06pm
well, you cant REALLY have this one, but you can atleast look at it!

Kyinnla Chronoboy
Jan 7, 08 12:46am
Yea, late, but I have an excuse. I just got this stamp today, so I'm going on a rampage through my friend's guestbooks. You're just unlucky enough to be one of them.

~New Year stamp: credit goes to Norica_XIII

Happy Belated New Year!

Dragon Warrior1 Chronoboy
Dec 24, 07 4:37am
Lunar Knight of Neo? pah! Happy holidays! lol.

dang, i need to fill up space....manamana!
YumiVonShippo2 Chronoboy
Dec 15, 07 2:30am
Hola bro, it's me Yumi. Well, I'm finally signing your GB since you signed mine, and, well.....

C you round! And remember,
Shippo is watching you.

Dajay Chronoboy
Dec 6, 07 11:31pm
So it's come to this... I'm actually going to sign your guestbook (Shock horror)

... That was odd... Er...

Myriara Chronoboy
Oct 18, 07 12:03am
Hey, dollface. Tis me. Aria. Myriara. Whatever.

You signed mine. I may as well sign yours, ya know?

Hmmm...I'm having fun RPing with you. You have quite the imagination. I'm having even more fun talking with you. You are a very interesting individual. =]

If you have MySpace...

cycoclash25 Chronoboy
Jun 1, 07 4:50pm
sorry, ur my 5th sign back, it just hppened that way.

so..... zup

i have to ask, how do u get the wants list and the completions list, i noticed u had them.

i don't have a stamp yet so u'll have to do without.... peace!!
Sakura91619 Chronoboy
Apr 30, 07 12:13am
Thanks for signing my guestbook! Yes I love Naruto! I think on Clash of Ninja 2, Ino's jutsu is kinda cool! My friends and I would play it over and over again on our least favorite characters! think Choji hitting you has got to hurt!
xXxkingxXx Chronoboy
Apr 14, 07 8:43pm
well thanks for the chainmail adice thing and i guess you weren't as mad as i thought people would get anyways it sucks about the 125 character thing but i gotta fill it up so --------------- --------------------- ---------------------- -------------------------------------- ----------------- ---------------------------- -------------- ------------------- --------------
GameAce Chronoboy
Apr 12, 07 7:25pm
Hey, thanks for the signing!! Here's my neato stamp, haha::

Well, I'll see ya around the forums!!
Deathaz_Angle Chronoboy
Feb 27, 07 5:24am
Hey how you doing? I don't have a stamp or anything, but I was wondering if you wanted to be friends? I don't have any friends yet so signing my guestbook is greatly appreciated.

Homunculus Lover Chronoboy
Dec 21, 06 7:49pm
Hope you have a great Christmas and hope you enjoy the stamp. Think of it as a present. XD

Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year! ^^
Omega Hunter 24 Chronoboy
Nov 3, 06 3:42am
here is some of my awesomeness in return for signing my GB.

Relmutsie AN Chronoboy
Aug 5, 06 2:31pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook, postings are greatly appreciated. It's my duty to return the favour (I hate this job) so here's a stamp for ya.

Click the image to visit the awesomest awesome home of awesome awesomness. Which is particularly awesome.

See you around!

Yours truly, ultimate boktai fan,
Relmutsie AN Chronoboy
Aug 5, 06 2:29pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook, postings are greatly appreciated. It's my duty to return the favour (I hate this job) so here's a stamp for ya.

[img link=http://www.neoseeker.com/members/neohomes/Cheater%20X]http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/4193/lumovu9.gif[/link]

Click the image to visit the awesomest awesome home of awesome awesomness. Which is particularly awesome.

See you around!

Yours truly, ultimate boktai fan,