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3 days ago

Do you guys ever see yourself leaving Neoseeker? For myself, I can see it happening if real life ends up being a major prior

Sep 30, 15 6:32pm
So a Hurricane is coming.
Sep 28, 15 7:06pm
Making a Pokemon Clan!
Sep 27, 15 9:14pm
Happy birthday, Mom. :)
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Sep 26, 15 8:16pm

For you older members of this forum, have you ever played in an active arcade before? Sadly for me, I was born after their

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Sep 25, 15 11:45pm

Twinleaf, Pallet, Littleroot, etc..all hold a special place in our hearts for being a place where we start our Pokemon journe

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Sep 17, 15 5:36pm

Hey all, how often do you guys use the PM feature on the site? Is it to communicate with friends? This is something that ran

Sep 17, 15 3:44pm
On Limited Activity
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Sep 14, 15 8:09pm
Chromatus shared a link
Sep 14, 15 5:39pm

The official Pokémon site was updated today with all the details confirming new alternate "formes" for Zygarde to add to its arsenal, along with a mysterious new form for Greninja. These were first spotted in CoroCoro magazine scans that were leaked....

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Sep 12, 15 10:51pm

Personally, the only plausible one I can think of at the moment is Sound. Light is possible, but I think Fightning and Fairy

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Sep 12, 15 10:42pm

Obviously an exaggeration, but whatever. :P MIne would be choosing New Super Mario Bros. 2 over Super Mario 3D World like 3

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Sep 12, 15 10:39pm

For me, it would probably be Shark Tank, Rick and Morty, American Dad, and whatever I can find on at the moment. Other than

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Sep 10, 15 6:56pm

Since Loungin' is basically Neo's living room, how's your own? Personally, mine is always taken up by my dad aft

Sep 06, 15 4:33pm
Pikale, I am not a "Like Whore." Like this if you agree!
Sep 06, 15 1:20pm
It's nice to have so many friends on Neoseeker. :)
Sep 06, 15 12:03pm
Waiting for the Neoraffle is torture..
tSuKiShIrO Chromatus
Sep 05, 15 2:37pm
SOS Brigade!
Sep 02, 15 8:27pm
That Aqua-Blue Vita looks mighty fine, if I do say so myself. Maybe I'll play Danganronpa for the first time, haha.

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