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Nov 28, 16 2:12pm

I know its possible to play with friends online with this mode, but can you hook with 3 other random players like in Battle S

Mother of Maggots Chromatus
Nov 17, 16 7:30pm
i like ur mob avatar, he's best boy
Nov 17, 16 8:32am
I just realized...I've been on Neoseeker for 4 years!
Oct 24, 16 7:27pm
Sun and Moooon~ The demo was pretty fun.
Oct 9, 16 6:20pm
17-years old! :)
Oct 1, 16 9:52pm
Hi Austins friends i am his sister Allyson i would like to say sorry for the last prank i did on him it was not nice Sorry good day :) <3
Aug 15, 16 8:00pm
Now you're lookin' at an 11th Grader. :)
Aug 1, 16 6:43pm
Sun & Moon look so good!
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Jul 28, 16 12:30pm

So, Playstation VR looks like a pretty cool thing. If games other than simulators will be made in the future this'll be

Jul 22, 16 2:08pm
School begins again in about 3 weeks... ;( Can't believe I'll be a Junior in HS.
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Jul 17, 16 9:28pm

Mini NES, for those unaware. For those of you who have seen the news that Nintendo is making the Mini NES and releasing it

Chromatus shared a news (@Avalith)
Jul 14, 16 3:30pm

This isn't a prank. This also isn't 1983. Regardless, the Nintendo Entertainment System will launch this holiday season. With the Wii U having a quiet 2016, Nintendo decided to dig into the depths of their back catalog to bring out some golden oldies...

Jul 13, 16 8:06pm
It has been brought to my attention that there will be no eeveelution this gen. RIP
Jul 13, 16 7:56pm
Sun & Moon look sooo good guys! I hope we get a Flying-type Eeveelution this gen. :)
Jun 17, 16 11:18am
Bruh. 18,000 profile views. Does this mean i'm popular?!
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Jun 10, 16 8:15am

So have any of you Undead return to Lordran yet? I just my CREO from the treasure chest in Firelink Shrine and will be dupin

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Jun 9, 16 6:10pm

In a moment of weebness I started thinking about anime. So GL, what anime are you currently watching or any opinions on ones

Jun 9, 16 6:04am
Rowlet for the Sun!
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Jun 9, 16 6:01am

Kind of just a random thing that popped into my head but what gender do you generally make your character when doing regular

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