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12 hours ago

Neoseeker+! Only rule is that you must have 300 posts or more to be entered. Anyone below will not be considered. (1-20)

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Nov 22, 15 9:20pm

Taking Theater Arts this year has got me thinking if I could become a good actor. I consider myself very good at Improv but

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Nov 22, 15 6:50pm

If we take standard RPG classes into account, what would be the one that suits you best? (Cleric, Rouge, Paladin, etc...) Fo

Nov 21, 15 10:34am
Buying Chrono Trigger and Shovel Knight!
Nov 21, 15 7:09am
(I am 2 weeks off, but..) 3 YEARS ON NEOSEEKER
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Nov 18, 15 9:27pm

What is a topic that you can seemingly talk about for hours and are knowledgeable in?

Nov 18, 15 1:39pm
Cool, just got a $15 PSN credit thanks to a deal!
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Nov 16, 15 8:24pm

Yep, is there a TV Show, Comic, or Movie that you wish could be become an anime show, or movie? Personally, I would squeal w

Nov 15, 15 7:39pm
Man, time just gets away from us so quickly..
Nov 12, 15 5:46pm
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Nov 10, 15 7:36pm

To commemorate my special friend @Stewie@ and his amazing questions in Gaming Lounge's GD. He is a true hero, and ever

Nov 10, 15 7:26pm
hi Stewie SirLagsALot LiveslikeBeth
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Nov 09, 15 3:49pm

As we all are former or current Pokemon players, what's your favorite Pokemon forum on Neo? Could be because of nostalgi

Nov 06, 15 5:32am
Oh, the new layout for profiles look nice.
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Nov 03, 15 10:44pm

Even if it's a cliche one, what are the archetypes in gaming that you love most? For me, I've taken a liking to the

Nov 02, 15 11:45pm
RIP Matsuki Miyu.
Oct 31, 15 8:54am
PoFiProMo has begun! :)
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Oct 29, 15 9:18pm

Do you guys have any video game character that just annoyed you to no end for any reason? Could be their voice, design, or j

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