Chromatus shared a forum thread
Apr 16, 16 4:03pm

Really enjoying the game so far. :) Not summoning has been quite the challenge so far! Tbh, DS III makes me want to return to

Apr 16, 16 3:57pm
I'll be back next Monday everyone! Be sure to play lots of Dark Souls 3!
Apr 12, 16 4:54pm
DARK SOULS III! Just beat the 1st boss! :)
Apr 07, 16 6:50pm
5 days!
Apr 02, 16 7:16pm
Ha, only a month and half left until summer break!
Chromatus shared a forum thread
Apr 02, 16 7:15pm

Any of you plan on buying DS III when it releases in a week and a half? Just wanted to bring some attention to it as I love

Chromatus shared a forum thread
Apr 02, 16 2:39am

Hey everyone, what version of Dark Souls III did end up purchasing? Atm I'm stuck between buying the Collector's Edit

Chromatus shared a forum thread
Mar 28, 16 2:13pm

Hey everyone, I was wondering what the _H_ symbol was next to my avatar and Azura? They were both in level A in terms of supp

Mar 27, 16 8:36pm
Bought FE Fates: Conquest and Birthright. :)
Chromatus shared a forum thread
Mar 23, 16 6:00pm

How do you guys feel about co-op in a Soulsborne game when it first releases? Do you allow yourself to get summoned for extr

Feb 26, 16 7:12pm
Chromatus shared a link
Feb 21, 16 4:47pm

1. How does the marriage mechanic work in Fates? Is it like in Awakening where the females all have their own kid and male/fe

Feb 16, 16 1:31pm
Time to platinum Dark Souls II again!
Feb 15, 16 7:08pm
Um, is it possible to fall in love with a game system?
Feb 13, 16 6:40pm
I finally bought a PS4! :D
Chromatus shared a forum thread
Feb 11, 16 9:18pm

We all know how game shows and the like give away their dream vacation spots to lucky people if they're good enough to be

Chromatus shared a forum thread
Feb 09, 16 4:30pm

Have you ever wanted to be in a place of someone's life?

Cloud Chromatus
Feb 07, 16 10:55am
Lol your signature.
Chromatus shared a forum thread
Feb 07, 16 10:01am

Personally I enjoy a good box of Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles when I actually have it once in a blue moon. Typically don

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