Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
hey shortman just thought i would sign your guestbook

so im hoping my stamp works

YAR I EVEN REMEMBERED. Happy Xth birthday, here is a rather boring stamp I made whilst getting used to GIMP brushes. =D

So, yah. Bye.
Happy Birthday mate, hope you're having a good one. Don't get too wasted on alchohol, I know what you're like.

Oh, and I'm smiling inside, really! xD
Chris, you...hit 10,000 posts...you finally did it man...:'D

Dude you hit 10k, you *bleep*ing legend.

Now you may join the "in" crowd that is the people with over 10,000 posts. We laugh at the other members and stuff.

Also, you get to do some good shit courtesy of some forum flooders, just hunt them down and ask them for some.

Have a good neo-life ShortBoy.
Hi Chris, I'm proud of having you as Wiki Staff at the Harry Potter Wiki. You are an intelligent person and you seem to know your stuff very well. Let's hope the Wiki will grow huge sometime soon!
Hai Chris.

Just so you know, you're now officially Kon.

Do you have konstipation? Aahaha geddit? Geddit?

Ah, got another picture:

Peace out.

I'm just sending some inspiration your way, Shorty. Remember, anything is possible if you put your mind and soul to it. I hope you are doing okay, and that you are safe and happy. Hope to talk to you soon =].

Your friend,

You are the second person to get a special birthday signing! 2009 sees me signing all of my friend's guestbooks with special messages.
Of course I have no idea what you actually look like :3
Anyways, Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Chris.

I don't have time for a stamp or anything now, so let me just say thanks for being one of those people to mean something to me.
Hello Chris! Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) from me and all the members of K.H. Crew. I hope you have enjoyed your stay here, and I hope you will have many more great experiences in the future in the crew! Don't forget to sign up for the Christmas event on the third post of the thread. The Christmas event takes place on the 27th and again on the 29th of December at two different times to compliment (hopefully) your time zone. Be one of the first three and you'll get in, and if there aren't enough members, sign up for both! Don't forget, if you don't have the game yet, you can still safe a spot for if you do get the game before the event starts!

So, in last remark enjoy the holiday!
Hey man! I can't believe I haven't signed your guestbook yet! I guess I just kinda forgot. Yeah I know this is kinda late, but I only really check my guestbook about once a month! So yeah, I don't have much to say. speak to you soon I guess.
As promised, here is your sign.
AND A STAMP! *boom*

Ok, now that's out of the way, I'd just like to say that you're an awesome member and i've seen you around long before now but never got around to saying hi. So hi!
P.S. It's kind of creepy that the last person to sign had exactly the same name as me :S

I wanted to sign your guestbook as you are a brillian Neo member. You're sensible and work well with the mods, bat also know how to have fun as well. You have this great quality that's found in all god neo-members and truly I can see you as mod some day.

Are you really short? Well, I love cookies.
Don't change, everyone likes you for what you are.


Just going around signing my good friends, and Chris you're definitely one of them.

Stick around.
Hi! I just wanted to sign this because you're a really cool guy and my friend in the palace clan...so...
Also you're trying to help get my book re-opened, which means more to you than you can imagine. Thank you.
Hey ShortMan! You're so cool!
You seem like a cool neo member! Please sign back!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
Thanks for being just an awesome friend.

Hope yuo like my stamp Take care!!
thanx for leting me in your gang and being so nice!

we've been talking for ages now and your in my gang so im sighning your guestbook and as the title sayz i finaly haz a stamp so your the first one to see it =o
Thanks for being great friend to talk to and
I hope you will get more people to sign your
guestbook too.
Sign mine to if you want.
Hugs xoxo
Since we're beginning to be friends I decised to sign your guest book. Here goes:

Stick around!

Thanks for being an awesome friend, even though we just met yesterday!

(Although you may remember as ILoveMoe or Kid_Krillin_And_Goku_Fan
Just going on a stamping spree as i've got a new stamp

Cya on the forum
Ammy and I are her messagers! Take the hint!