I'm hooked on League of Legends at the minute. The alternate skins for Amumu are brilliant. Almost... read more

Just had my best game of league to date. Getting the hang of it now.

Nintendo have had a great year. I've been really happy with the release of titles such as Mario... read more

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Great three picks Insanity Prevails . I was really impressed by Mario Golf: World Tour. I... read more

Who was it I said to about a new Fire Emblem title a few months back? Thrawn or Nix I think. Called it!

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Did you get MK8 on wii u?
Yeah I've had that for a while. read more

Will do. So far everything I've seen and heard has been pretty positive and it's packed with... read more

Captain Toad ordered for Wii U. That'll be my last game until something MHU4 or maybe Kirby comes out.

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Niceeee, we can finally play!
Yeah for sure. No doubt I'll have my arse handed to me but it's all fun! haha read more

Finally have Smash Bros Wii U
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likes Game Over's status update: "Nice! Just got my 6th Gym Badge in Alpha Sapphire!"

My little cousin got an Xbox One for Christmas but the thing won't turn on. Apparently it goes... read more

As always it's been a lovely Christmas. Had a good laugh with the family and really appreciate the gifts received!
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likes Verotten's status update: "47 hour trip back to NZ in a few months time. My body is not, and will never be, ready. ;__;"