As always it's been a lovely Christmas. Had a good laugh with the family and really appreciate the gifts received!

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a great day spending quality time with family and friends. Don't drink too

What are you hoping to receive as gifts this holiday season? A new game? Console accessories? Gaming accessories? Alternative


It's something I've never done before but today I finally cracked and bought myself my first scratch card. I didn&

If you haven't done so yet I would highly recommend you check out the Steam sales currently running. Ever since buying a

Wow Civ 5 complete edition is £5.99 and Beyond earth is down to £17.99. Hope I get paid early.
Just bought Truck Simulator 2 in the Steam Sales. £2.49 is a bargain.
Forget the whole X Factor thing because this is a damn good song regardless. Glad he won.

How many hours have you logged on Football Manager 2015 according to Steam. I'm up to 51 hours at the moment.

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