Hi. I'm CCT, amd welcome to my NeoHome!

I am a 13 year old boy, and a super-fly one at that. I like sports, video games, and um...trampolines I guess....

Well, I am a Jew, which means I am Jewish. I will have a Bar-Mitzvah in mid-November 2007. It's hard work, but that party is well worth it.

My favorite football team is the San Diego Chargers, and my favorite player is LaDamian Tomlinson.


Well, I came to Neo looking for Digimon World 3 cheats in July of '07. I went to the forums later on to search for some wi-fi battles on Pokemon Diamond. Then, I joined Neoseeker under the name of ChocoChocoTime. Yes, I do have another account, made in September of '07, called Wunderkid. I might use that one when I get tired of this account.

Well, that's about it. I'll leave you with a short description of my NeoFriends at the bottom. Sorry if the home isn't much. I haven't gotten time to truly learn all the coding and stuff. Buh Bye!

My fwends:

AT_AG/Splinters of Blood
My best NeoFriend. We met in a clan called Project Diamond, and got to be better friends from there on!
Johnny is a great guy. We met in the clan BIO360. He is a really nice guy and a pretty good GFX maker.
Well, Jaron, it's hard to describe you. You are what you are, and I have come to accept that lol. We fight sometimes, but he is a great guy.
*More coming soon!