Eugene Rulz ChiroVette
Aug 16, 04 10:47pm
What's up Chiro? You may not be Master Mind...but By Golly, you're close to it. Hi, I'm Steve and I'm giving you my stamp.

If you want to know why I'm Steve...check out my Neohome. It's near the very bottom. Take Care Now!

~Sign Back~
venom ChiroVette
Aug 16, 04 12:29pm
hey as im new to the GTA: SA forum, i have only just met you, but you seem to be doing a great job round the forum, keep it up!

sign back later,
Hitman3580 ChiroVette
Aug 16, 04 1:06am
Neocon ChiroVette
Aug 15, 04 7:47pm

Luigi88 ChiroVette
Aug 11, 04 11:55pm
Just signing your guestbook cuse meh...I felt like it. Your from New York so even better and hopefully I see ya more at the Sports forum arguing about your Yankees lol.

Mets will win the World Series in 2005!!!>>

Beware of those Mets, sign back if ya can.
DJ EGG ChiroVette
Aug 11, 04 4:43am
HA , im signing your g-bookie and theres nothing you can do about it HA HA !

Angyles Cerddoriaeth ChiroVette
Aug 11, 04 4:38am
reaper19 ChiroVette
Aug 10, 04 6:19pm
just want to let you now you are the no 1 mod chiro rocks

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
I---- I--- I---I I---- I--- I----
I I I---- I I I I---- I I Death not the end its the begining
Teeb ChiroVette
Aug 6, 04 10:03pm
I just noticed ive been posting in the GTASA forum for months and havn't even signed your guestbook yet! Anyway keep up the good work as a mod chirioman!

The Arabian princess ChiroVette
Aug 6, 04 9:33pm
you Nerves me sometimes but still like u
Dragon Cloud ChiroVette
Aug 6, 04 9:08pm
Good mod.
Wasn't yuo like that, ye?
Ok, this is bullshiznit.

Seeya, you are a cool mod.

_____Aug 06, 04 at 04:13AM
People say the things that I draw are weird.

What types of things do you draw?

Tres ChiroVette
Aug 4, 04 9:47pm

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high
El Juako ChiroVette
Aug 4, 04 6:51am
i just wanted to say thanks bout doing that ban lifting thing in front of the supers, i dont post a lot anymore but i never thought some mod would do anything like that exposing their position as mods, ur really great bud

sorry bout over spamming

EL JUAKO... ACOSTANDOSE CON LAS MAMAS DE OTROS!!! has signed ur guestbook
Miss Witching Hour ChiroVette
Aug 4, 04 12:14am
come to sign ur guestbook cus u do a great job!

Nero 19 ChiroVette
Jul 30, 04 3:03pm
It was funny wat you said at the end to RPG, oh well keep modin at the "LOUNGE" and remember i am the cool dude Nero
webby ChiroVette
Jul 27, 04 1:34am
After seeing all the guestbook signings i felt left out, so i thought id join in
(i really need a stamp;()
Tec 9 ChiroVette
Jul 24, 04 11:30pm

You've been 'stamped' by, believe it or not, Tec 9.

Hi ChiroVette, your website, is it s ajoke or is it serious? I'm confused, you wanna see my website? It features all my creative writing, its kick'ass'.

Tec 9's cool 'ass' site

Dubble ow sevon ChiroVette
Jul 16, 04 9:52pm
wud up man congrats on the loungin' promotion! ive seen you around so i thought id sign your g~book.

P.S. i have a 1965 corvette
jespomo ChiroVette
Jul 9, 04 11:11pm
I thought I would sign the guestbook of one of my favorite mods. (along with Crazy Daisy) I would say that you are doing a great job but I bet everyone says that.

Instead I am going to say,

"Loreal, because I'm worth it"

because thats the first advert that came on while I was signing your guestbook.
rockhole ChiroVette
Jul 2, 04 6:00am
I decided to write this because you are lucky, you have three forums to moderate. But you look more important because those Games have very obtuse titles making it look like you own 6 of those forums.

Oh, and ever since you've joined Loungin', there has been a much quicker closing response.

Keep up the good work.

And just for the sake of a nearly week old tradition:

You've been stamped by Michael Moore!

Courtesy of a bad TV tuner card and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
InFeRnO284 ChiroVette
Jun 28, 04 11:11pm
itz InFeRnO just wanna say wut up and good luck bein a loungin mod. if u eva need help in tha gta sa forum im tha man 4 tha job;) ill holla @ u lata

p.s. im a vette fan
Hank228 ChiroVette
Jun 27, 04 6:43am
Um.... HI CHIRO!
congarts dude!

now, turn around while I disappear! damn 125 characters........ ................ ................
K I yo ko ChiroVette
Jun 25, 04 4:17pm
Haha, I am the first to sign your guestbook about your most recent Modship! Have fun taking care of Batman and the Slacker!

The Judge ChiroVette
Jun 25, 04 12:40am
Well, I remember you back in the Vice City Forum days. You seemed better than everyone else (and not in a conceded way either!) Your moderation style seems to work, and heres to continued success in the day to day operations of the forum!
Da Wise Man ChiroVette
Jun 19, 04 10:08pm
Hey ChiroVette I have seen you around a lot of forums so I'd thought I'd sign your guestbook. I see you like Jak and Daxter that has got to be my favourite gaming series. Well anyway keep up the good work on the San Andreas forum, you are a good mod.

Sign mine in return.

Da Wise Man