Hey Chiro my darling. When are you going to stop ignoring me in public hey? You need to show that I am your girl to the world.
Hey Chiro, thought I'd come here and say thanks for the oh so wonderful advice you gave me in the datings thread. As I already told ya, best advice ever.

Stamp time!!

See ya around.
Have a stamp. You're not so bad, as far as mods go.

As the lady says, you've been stamped.
Have a stamp. You're not so bad, as far as mods go.

As the lady says, you've been stamped.
Here it is, my new stamp.

I am a scientist, and my scientist friends say the same thing, thus making the headline true.
Chiroman Chiroman! Well I'm not about to break into a song! x_X

But anyway, keep those forums safe from ebil spammers! ^^

What's up? You're probably wondering why i'm signing your guestbook. Well, it's because I can, got a problem with that? I also got a new stamp, and you should have it in here.

"What were you doing down by the river?! Fondling her yum-yums?! BUNDLING HER CUPCAKES?!!!" -- Mochon (FLCL)

I thought I would write you a little different version of the "ChiroMan-song"

Spins a web in the SA thread.
Members talking fast 2 fast
Waiting for the game to come
Have fun!
Here comes the ChiroMan"


ha ha ha you got pwned bitch...... erm.... stamped bitch! thanks for all the bans you have given me

thanks for this coment
Well, nothing says "I like you" like sharing your Insulin.

Hope this helps!

<Sorry I just had to. I will post something more serious tomorrow>

well sign my guestbook

hey, I remember you were the moderator of the gta vice city for the xbox forum. what happened? business a little slow? anyways, glad to see you are still on line, and I'll catch you later.
Signing your g-book:thick:

Later Chiroman!!!1111111 one more thing...
I was just on a signing spree and I just stoped by to sign your g-book

Dont forget to sign back

By the one and only,
Yeah well I haven't signed yours yet so here it is....

hey chiro, wut u upto?

this paragraph is just here to finish up the minimum length of 25 chars... asdasdf gff gdfg df ghd hgf h gh g h df dgf s fas df as fas df

Thought I would sign your gbook as you do a great job with the Gta and Loungin Forums. See ya around and hopefully you might sign back.

see ya.

I'm signing random people's guestbooks today in hopes they will sign mine.

I went to the beach because I was really really pale
And I went skinny-dipping with my friend the great white whale
I stayed out too long and oh, I got so sick
And then I got a sunburn on my moby dick


You said it, brother.
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around ChiroVette. Sign back if you want...

Hardee Harr Harr. j00 do not drive a Vette. j00 don't have to li3 to kick it. cheers j000 n00b m0d.
Enjoy the time that you spend here on Neoseeker.
Take good care of yourself and never let your hopes or your dreams fade.

"I want to take any memory...
And hold it in my heart...Someday...
We'll overcome the pain...
And have precious memories."