Vito ChiroVette
Dec 16, 04 3:54am
Merry christmas/festivus!!! and happy new years to...What up my NYC homie?!?! lol

MajinBuu ChiroVette
Dec 13, 04 10:48pm
Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I hope one day I can be a moderator just like you. J/K. See you around!
Slayerholic17 ChiroVette
Nov 22, 04 5:28am
New stamp time. Huzzah!

Stupid length thingie, can’t I just share my stamp with ya and be done with it?

Enigma ChiroVette
Nov 9, 04 12:05am

monkey_ninjas316 ChiroVette
Nov 1, 04 12:25am
Long time no talk chiro, been playing S.A. to much? I know i have....well anyway. Have a Happy Halloween and dont stay out trick or treating all night, without you the forum would be spammed...well untill one of the other 3 mods came..cya!

Slayerholic17 ChiroVette
Oct 31, 04 7:25am
Eh, even bastards deserve a happy halloween. Bwahahaha.

DQ Maniac ChiroVette
Oct 30, 04 3:05am
bl3nd3r ChiroVette
Oct 29, 04 12:43am
The Arabian princess ChiroVette
Oct 28, 04 5:31pm

~enjoy your Halloween~
Eagle Eye ChiroVette
Oct 28, 04 2:31am
Hey Chirovette, I still see your online too, how have you been?
You don't know me but I'm Eagle Eye, I post around loungin reguarly, and I see you around there sometimes too.

Sign back when you get the chance!

Eagle Eye.
Wolfenstein38 ChiroVette
Oct 25, 04 9:33pm
heres a Halloween stamp from yours truly and sign back
Daisy ChiroVette
Oct 25, 04 3:15pm

Happy Halloween from Daisy and Gojyo!
venom ChiroVette
Oct 22, 04 11:20pm
hey dude im pretty new to the sa forums but i have to say you and your co mods are doing a great job! i cant wait for this game, its going to be off da hook! well please sign back later, thanks.

^^Where stmap should be^^
BucNazT ChiroVette
Oct 15, 04 6:26am
Taking time to sign your guestbook,

The Yanks may have beat Schilling in game 1 and Pedro in game 2.....But Pedro's Midget is pitching game 3!!!!!!! lol

a crushed Red Sox fan
Slayerholic17 ChiroVette
Oct 14, 04 5:24am
Hey there, you cocky bastard. I see how it is...too good to sign my guestbook huh? I signed yours like a month ago and here I am signing again.

Ahh, maybe it's just something about your buffness and oh so good looks that just keeps me coming back...

Yea right!

I expect a sign back. And a good one too. *winks*


Kurt ChiroVette
Oct 11, 04 8:02pm
I just decided to sign your guestbook. Like my new banner? Thought you would...
Anyway, I'm taking my driving test in 5 days. Wish me luck!

Anyway... See you around the forums!
DQ Maniac ChiroVette
Sep 28, 04 11:07pm
The Arabian princess ChiroVette
Sep 28, 04 9:18pm
I'm on a signing spree

hope you like it my friend
Dan Mumford ChiroVette
Sep 22, 04 12:27am
heh, glad you like the pic man, its about time i signed your guestbook, so i am:thick:
anyway see ya around

Airwalked ChiroVette
Sep 22, 04 12:24am

You just wish that was true...

Meh, Have fun looking after teh vette, And if you ever get famous, I get 5% of your profits!
Enigma ChiroVette
Sep 20, 04 4:42pm
You're a cool guy. ^^


daveRT ChiroVette
Sep 19, 04 11:31am
Hey Chiro, I know you'll like this.

I used to like Spider-Man and then forgot all about it. Thanks to the movies I'm going fanboy all over again. See you around!
Matt v1 ChiroVette
Sep 16, 04 5:33am
just thought id finally sign your guestbook, you have so many posts and you close my pointless threads! so keep up the good wrk

See ya in the Funny Pages!
Pyroguy ChiroVette
Sep 15, 04 11:49pm
Just thought I bring back some good memories.

Sign Back

Yours Truly, pyroguy56011
Wolfenstein38 ChiroVette
Sep 15, 04 4:01am
well heres a stamp.sighn back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!