Don't expect any wise words from me, but since you can no longer space up guestbooks, I'm just going to tell you that...

Take care,

Isn't that Potato so dreamy. He defeats Tomato at the end.
Yo Chiro, I havn't talked to you in ages man. Not since you used to be Moderator of the Loungin' forum. I miss you over there buddy. Come back! Please!

PS, I still never got the Chiro-Petition done in my neohome. Nobody wants to join. Looks like you'll never get your record deal. Sorry. lol

Well, sign back
Hey man, ya ur my role model too

well.. I might as well admit ur the best mod around, ur not so serious, and ya know, not all pissy and stuff, and i dont think uve ever banned me UNLIKE SOMEONE...

anyways keep up to cool-ness
Je voulais signer ton guestbook, mais tu dois excuser mon Français, ça fait longtemps! J'habite en Afrique du Sud, tu vois - mais avant j'habitais à Montréal! Alors bonne chance!
your my new role model lol, i dunno i havnt got a dad to look up to so ur the next best thing LMAO oh well sign back if possible
Sup Chiro! Good job on looking over the VC and SA forums, feel free to sign back.

PS. Congratulatons on 10,000 posts.
Hi Chiro. I'm signing mainly as a token of my gratitude for everything you've done for the GTA forum over the past year or so. It's been great having you as a mod, and the arrival of Death and Daisy has been good too. But anyway, thanks for the super modding powers and stuff, you've made the Forum fun to be in. COngrats on your 10,000th post as well, although you spammed there.

Well, keep it real, I want a Vette too.

Well, see you round, sign back if you want.
well since you hate me and all (you do hate me right, you better or this signing is pointess) i thought i would make you hate me even more by signing your guestbook, and not type big long messages like you seem to do, so all i know is that you don't know how to simplify anything you just like to go on and on and on and then some, but rarely do you seem to like to post one tiny sentance or something to that to explain you love to get really deep into what your explaining cause you like to make people like me seem stupid(jackass) so all i know is stuff
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true true hapy new years:D:D:D
stupid 125
congatulation on he implant:P
Happy New Year Chiro. Thanks for all your help for in the fourms. Well may you have wonderful new year
Please Sign Back thanks.

Happy New Years and may 2005 bring you lots of joy and women. (not hookers!!)
Hey Hey just thought i would go ahead and sign your guestbook

Well there you go lol
Merry Christmas

And A happy new year
Wanna wish you .....all best things in the universe in the upcoming year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
P.S. Stamp Back!

Merry Christmas Chiro, maybe you will get some new weights or maybe a new Corvette, or maybe just some chocolate and other usual stuff.
In the christmas spirit I took the time to find a funny picture to spread a smile across your face... Enjoy

-Keep up the great mod work

May all your holiday dreams come true,
And warmest wishes for a
happy and prosperous New Year!
Happy Christmas to you Paul:o
hope you enjoy your holidays^-^

Take care in 2005,