BudLust ChiroVette
Mar 31, 06 1:19am
Its Budlust if you already havn't guessed. I've seen you around the San Andreas Fourms and LCS fourm. Your a great Mod And a cool Guy. Cheers for ansering meny of my questions in SA...

(PS guestbook is looking kinda empty.. lol wink wink nudge nudge.)

Big Boss ChiroVette
Feb 19, 06 4:30am
Hey man, just dropping by to say that you're a great moderator in the San Andreas forum, and you've got one of the coolest sigs on this site. Cheers.

Big Boss ChiroVette
Feb 19, 06 4:30am
Hey man, just dropping by to say that you're a great moderator in the San Andreas forum, and you've got one of the coolest sigs on this site. Cheers.

static_puzzle ChiroVette
Jan 26, 06 1:45am

vanillagigglez is the best
she is better than the rest
this poem (like her) is very great
but I never expected this to be my fate
she has vanilla in her name
so chocolate isn't her game
she is the best master for a slave
for I the am the victim her anger gave
you wish you could be half as good as her
she is to the best as animals are to fur
XxDeePhantomXx ChiroVette
Jan 20, 06 12:33am
Hey chiro neoseeker has cool mod's, I forgot to sign mod's guestbook.

Don't forget to sign mine XxDeePhantomXx

Thank's for that Liberty City PS2 forum now I don't have to post in PSP forum's anymore.
kooner ChiroVette
Jan 16, 06 3:46am
Hey chirovette you're a good poster in the GTA forums and a great moderator. You own dude
Vito ChiroVette
Jan 13, 06 8:11am

haha have a great year.... and stuff.... well this sucks that you need a certain amount of letters...
BASGTA ChiroVette
Dec 29, 05 8:12am
Whoa, i noticed you joined neo exacly 2 years and 1 day before i did.
Pav Srnicek ChiroVette
Dec 28, 05 2:02am

Merry Christmas
Enigma ChiroVette
Dec 26, 05 1:11pm

Wishing you all the best for 2006,
Daisy ChiroVette
Dec 23, 05 4:17pm

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Mnmfan ChiroVette
Dec 21, 05 9:16am
Yeah I know you did'nt earn this Stamp like Doom Destroyer did but I could tell from your PM that you want it. Think of it as a thank you for redirecting me to Vegitax.

simomatic ChiroVette
Dec 14, 05 8:15am
WassssZZZaaa Chiromon! Singing da GB with my very own Christmas stamp.^^

Spud ChiroVette
Dec 12, 05 10:56pm
On a mission to sign everyones guestbook who is online, you are the chosen one...

I'd appreciate it if you signed back, thanks.
Dj Lano ChiroVette
Nov 21, 05 3:13am
Hey. I have a problem with finding Roboi's Food Mart in Los Santos. Because Los Santos is on the both sides of the first city. And in sentrum of the first city are only east los santos and Downtown los santos. Please help me with this, and i have one question left, After doing the bike challange in Mount Chiliad it says. You won! The "Birdseye Winder" race is now available, But where is that race. Please help me with that. Greatings from Norway
ironhammer ChiroVette
Sep 3, 05 10:46am
Hiya Chiro i dont know how to do stamps so why not this:colored: :mony:
AINZY ChiroVette
Aug 30, 05 10:47am
Moderating, and i am in the 100% club thanks for putting me in, here is mike atherton one of englands best defensive opening batsmen!

Sign back if you want!!
bteddo ChiroVette
Aug 22, 05 6:35pm
keep up the good work modding this hellhole of threads.
Danger ChiroVette
Aug 11, 05 4:16pm

Just stamping people I like or respect on neo, and guess what you fall under one of these category's! but which one I'll let you decide.
Whitetrash2800 ChiroVette
Aug 5, 05 2:33am
...Sign your g-book...only cuz you are the coolest mod

Thats the only stamp i could afford
Guticb ChiroVette
Jul 8, 05 6:09am

I have no clue how I forgot to sign the bestest mod's guestbook. Sign back!
venom ChiroVette
Jul 4, 05 5:26pm

Happy 4th July!

Sign back if you wish.
Disengage ChiroVette
Jul 3, 05 8:26am
    2 cloves garlic, crushed
    1/2 c. olive oil
    1 c. bread crumbs
    3 lbs. Romano cheese, grated
    Pinch of salt
    2 T-bones, sirloin, or minute steaks, 1 inch thick
Cooking time: 10 minutes, rare; 14 minutes, medium; 20 minutes, well.

Blend garlic and olive oil. Set aside. Combine bread crumbs, cheese, and salt. Dip steak in oil mixture, then dip steak in bread crumbs, cheese, and salt. Grill or broil to desired degree of rareness.

4 to 5 minutes rare; 6 to 7 minutes medium; 9 to 10 minutes well - for each side.

- Happy Eating, this Kuduros spoof brought to you by Dis
DianWei04 ChiroVette
Jul 3, 05 3:24am
Doin random signin and you've been Chosen!

You've Been....

Visit my Neohome!
Matt J ChiroVette
Jun 30, 05 9:13pm
Hey man. Great video footage on the SA forums. Thought id sign while im not busy. Keep up the good work! STAMP:

PS, sign back when you feel like it.