Verdant_Abyss ChiroVette
Dec 11, 06 5:45pm
Hey Chiro. I'm signing your Guestbook because you're a kickass Moderator, and your also very fair. You and Adrenalrush are doing a great job modding the SA forum.

Sign back if you want, but more importantly, keep up the good work!
lowlow v ChiroVette
Nov 29, 06 3:20am
hi you know who i am i am staring through your window hahahaahhhahahah
p.s.just kidding so can u unbanned me its been over what a summer time since the banned i am a change man un-banned me
ulitmate taz ChiroVette
Nov 27, 06 1:03am
Well Your my last random signing of the night so i bid you farewell

Sign back if you want
Chimaira ChiroVette
Nov 26, 06 8:28pm
Just wanted to say Hi and good job you're doing on the SA forum.

anyway take care.

Oblivion ChiroVette
Nov 23, 06 8:49pm
Ive seen you around, your doing a great job moderating, anyways, sign my GB if you want, i have like 2 signings, ill be on the forums, bye!
Republican Master ChiroVette
Oct 2, 06 2:31pm

lol. It's really cool to be like a doctor and all. Thanks for the info on the "Is cracking your back actually good for you" thread. Good going there! You seem like a heaps cool person (as many people before me have said that) that you're a doctor. That is awesome. A doctor... who's still on Neo. Go you! I really like doctors especially those on Neo! Wicked!

Good job!

Hope you stamp me back. That is seriously cool. I wish my local GP was like you.

Early Bop ChiroVette
Sep 28, 06 2:19am
you are pretty cool *must have been said about 500 times before*

so i am signing for that reason.wish you the best on everything
Rizzy11 ChiroVette
Aug 23, 06 9:13pm
Hey there ChiroMan! I voted for you in nearly every single award for the NeoSeeker Awards. Keep rocking and rolling dude. Here's my stamp:

Sign back! ^.^
Tom ChiroVette
Aug 23, 06 6:45pm
Woah! I thought I signed yours a long time ago. Clearly not. It's my honour to stamp Neo's official Best Male Seeker 2006!

I would have some other stuff on my stamp, but apparently the site is trying to crack down on that kind of stuff. Yeah, you know what stuff I'm talking about!

See you around!
Aug 20, 06 7:00am
I JUST thought id stamp the coolest mederator ever P.s thanks for allowing the club sign back
DHZ Wanzer Pilot ChiroVette
Aug 14, 06 9:39am
Finlly!!! Some one who got the same opinion of me! I love Chevrolette Corvette Z06, and i hate vipers!!! At least! You deserve a stamp:

serpent ChiroVette
Jul 25, 06 11:05pm
I see you in the forums alot and decided to sign your GB.

Spiderman FTW!!

Tko ChiroVette
Jul 17, 06 10:28pm
Hello i have seen you around Neoseeker so i am signing your guestbook and stamping it.


Krazox ChiroVette
May 12, 06 12:43pm
Hey! I'm signing your GB because of your help and advice with my illness. You were very helpful. Thanks a lot!
Sorry but no stamp

Exodus ChiroVette
May 10, 06 10:11pm
Hi, thanks for being a good mod, keeping these forums under control, so I thought I'll sign ya guestbook for ya. Don't have a stamp though.
Derek Vader ChiroVette
May 9, 06 12:13am
Why i havn't signed your guestbook yet is beyond me, so i will do it now, get ready to be mauled by my pimp dog bitch

simsrusisback ChiroVette
May 8, 06 2:45pm
fankoo 4 being a good morderater on the gta forum i will be posting in that forum alot now cause i am hoping to get a very high post count before i leave neoseeker
laters i wood like it if u returned the favor by signing my guestbook
venom ChiroVette
May 6, 06 1:39pm
I just discovered the new GTA forum today in the PS3 section and I saw you had just been appointed so i wanted to just say well done! Haha I hope you do as good of a job in the PS3 version of the forum as you have done with San Andreas, good luck.

SS4Gogeta ChiroVette
Apr 29, 06 7:55pm
Thanks for all the help with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas! (The greatest game ever created in my humble opinion)
The Knowledge ChiroVette
Apr 25, 06 10:30pm
hi chiro your doing a gr8 gob modding the gta forums hope you like my stamp!
aim high lads lol

og9 ChiroVette
Apr 22, 06 9:33pm
this is for ma mod
he is cool,he is hot
he's a bit insane in the membrane
he is ice cool i bet,
this is for ma homie chirovette
Mnmfan ChiroVette
Apr 14, 06 6:36am
What good is an image of a cake?? What can you do with it? It's not like you're gonna sit there staring at a cake for 2 minutes is it?
So I thought I'd cheer you up by ignoring the cakes and go straight for the good stuff...the afters.

Okay, you can stop staring now...stop're not even reading this are you??

Happy Birthday buddy.
HilaryDuffGta ChiroVette
Apr 12, 06 1:00am
Lol Chiro Hey man its your b-day Huh so your what 100-200 years old? Just messing with you man Happy birthday and i hope you have a great one dont drink too much and make sure u id them just so u know their legal.

catch u later bro
Dylan ChiroVette
Apr 11, 06 3:12am
*bleep* me that cake looks good...Erm yeah, have a good birthday and enjoy youself. Here is your present:

I'm tired and I don't know what I'm doing...
Guticb ChiroVette
Apr 11, 06 2:59am

Wow, it took about 5 minutes of Markup to pull that off. Anyways, Happy Birthday, and Best of Luck through life!

Here's some German Cake from me!