Zeek ChiroVette
Feb 28, 08 3:33am
Hey Lordship ChiroVette; Master of all he surveys, congrats on winning the Identify-the-GTA cahracter game for week 1!

I decided to stamp you with my old banner here:

I guess you deserved that, you have been asking for it! -GTA Legend
Zeek ChiroVette
Feb 16, 08 3:14am
No, I'm never calling anyone Lord Master, or anyone on this site in that matter.

But congrats on winning the Caption Contest!

-GTA legend
Warsun ChiroVette
Feb 14, 08 11:05pm

Hey, thanks for your help before man! I am glad the Social forum is working out so well. I bet you LOVE the fact that you practically live in Liberty City.
Braden ChiroVette
Feb 11, 08 9:55pm
Hey dude, sign back.


Warsun ChiroVette
Feb 10, 08 8:18am
it is to have this link at the top of the GTA Social forum. What an attention whore! I mean, c'mon!!! It will never work, it is so transparent!
GtaMythHunter ChiroVette
Feb 10, 08 7:55am
I followed the link on the GTA Social Forum Pretty hilarious if you ask me.
I don't have stamps so you'll have to imagine one or something
Twisted ChiroVette
Feb 10, 08 6:24am
I saw the link in the GTA Social Forum's header. I felt obligated to sign his guestbook. Here you go.

tidus04 ChiroVette
Dec 25, 07 11:54pm

Hope you have a good one!
doylie ChiroVette
Nov 18, 07 1:33pm
I just thought that as a fellow Ratchet and Clank fan you deserve a Ratchet and Clank stamp.


scorpion dynomite ChiroVette
Sep 15, 07 5:38pm
Im signing this because you are one odf the coolest moderater's on neoseeker (so is mtb) s here is my stamp.
monkeyluv8 ChiroVette
Sep 12, 07 3:13pm
Hello! I love your banner! It's funny. Grand theft auto is cool too. I am writing this entence to meet the minimum words you have to write this sure is fun yay yay yay okay I think this is enough. Well have a nice day mr. moderator guy!
S v R 2010 ChiroVette
Aug 14, 07 4:44pm
Just signing cause your probably one of my favourite mods.

Casey ChiroVette
Aug 4, 07 11:32am
I thought I should sign youre GB because all of the work you do in the San Andreas forum.

I would hate to have to always moniter that forum, and constantly stop fights.

But hey, you do a good job.
Jul 20, 07 9:00am
you got lots of sigs due any way you the best mod i know and you should become a supper mod someday well you a pimp so goog bye
toetancham ChiroVette
Jul 11, 07 9:22pm
wowz you've got an awsome number of posts great job now.. i stamp you
jakeass22 ChiroVette
Jun 8, 07 10:20am
hey chiro, whats up just saying hey, and signing your guest book, you run this forum perfect, and make it fun. well see you around. p.s. please sign my guest book know one has yet well see ya
Tom ChiroVette
Apr 20, 07 7:02pm
Thank you for taking part, Chiro! Hope to see you next year!

Also, thanks for allowing me to do this quiz and watching over it etc! You've been a great help sice I started on this site, so this one is just for you.
Stuy ChiroVette
Feb 15, 07 1:56am
Happy Valentines Day, ChiroVette. [=

Tool_Fan_06 ChiroVette
Feb 11, 07 5:55pm
Hey Chiro Ithink your a rockin mod and you better sign back

Stuy ChiroVette
Jan 23, 07 5:18am
Thanks for being my NeoFriend and stuff. x] Talk to yuh soon, Chiro.

The Omega ChiroVette
Jan 21, 07 7:47am

Since "no one" has ever signed your guestbook before, I pitied you and your lying and signed yours. Now send me some bagels!
Slayerholic17 ChiroVette
Jan 20, 07 10:10am
So, like, I totally remember a time BEFORE I was Bratty-pants, when you actually gave me advice about all my online drama and stupid crap I'm SO glad I'm through with now, so yeah, guess I should thank you for that.

Plus I'm glad you pmed me recently, since we haven't talked in ages! Is good to talk to you again. Even if you do think in your warped mind that I'm obsessed with you. Keep dreaming, darling.

0Zero0 ChiroVette
Jan 14, 07 4:59am

xI will keep signing until I get animegirl's love!x
BYOBeer ChiroVette
Jan 8, 07 5:27am
signing u on request of my master hero hartmut

need to add something to go over minimum length.
Gta_Kh2 freak ChiroVette
Dec 27, 06 8:52pm
Hey, you're a cool mod. ^^ Just wanted to say sup and all, you're pretty damn fair.