DragoniteBallZ ChiroVette
Dec 23, 03 11:22pm
Make the tradition merry. Have sex under the mistletoe.

Turkagent ChiroVette
Dec 21, 03 11:53am

Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy yourself these holidays.
Reedtucker ChiroVette
Dec 16, 03 11:31pm

Season Greetings From Saddam Too.
Blackheartedwolf ChiroVette
Dec 12, 03 6:54am

Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
The Rock Hater03 ChiroVette
Nov 22, 03 6:50pm
thanks for being nice to me when I got angry in my thread and not banning me for spam so I would return the favor by sighning your guestbook
Mr Viper ChiroVette
Nov 13, 03 10:15am
Damn ... How am I supposed to follow a stamping like the Hot Girl Stamp??? hehe

Hey man, Long Time No Talk! Congrats on modding SA ... I'm sure one of these day's I'll start wandering in there ...

Man, I remember when I first stamped this book ... wow, that was long ago ... heh ...

Well, bro, I'll see you around
Golden Miru warrior ChiroVette
Nov 12, 03 8:04am
Seen you around...you're a GTA moderator, and you had some smart stuff to say right here


::Have A Nice Day -=Nat
stretchytool ChiroVette
Oct 27, 03 8:43am
You have received the coveted Hot Girl Stamp from stretchytool. Enjoy. But not to much.

You are welcome

Considering our offerings are no longer welcome in the chat thread i bring them straight to your doorstep. delivery style.
Daisy ChiroVette
Oct 24, 03 4:55pm
I thought I'd be nice and sign your guest book. Here's a nice picture for you too, sexy.

And don't forget that just because your Yankees beat my Red Sox this year, it doesn't mean it will happen again next year. Maybe I will make a trip to the Bronx to see a game during the 2004 Yankees/Red Sox ALCS.
stretchytool ChiroVette
Oct 16, 03 9:47pm



You have received the ultimate stamp by stretchytool.

Stamp back.
Deathman48 ChiroVette
Oct 11, 03 1:28am
Well, I hope you are happy now. It all started off as a bit of joke, but then you had to change the thread title, and then look what happened to me! So you got what you wanted, you get Crazy Daisy and I end up looking like a bit of raw meat.

I hope you will be gracious enough to send me $5 towards my health insurance (in the form of a GB signing), since I took the beating like a man.

iamwasted ChiroVette
Oct 7, 03 6:45am
Dude, I hope your chiropracting business is rolling in a lot of doe. When I get my 91' celica and jack it up, I'll come down to NY and show you my psychotic explosive driving!!!

See yah later.
CorvetteZ06 ChiroVette
Sep 8, 03 1:55am
Unfortunately im only 15 and i cant drive yet. so i can only admire CORVETTES from the sidelines, but plan on owing one as soon as possible!!
DragoniteBallZ ChiroVette
Sep 4, 03 5:19am
daveRT ChiroVette
Aug 24, 03 9:02am
Hey Chiro, how's it going? Glad you're back on neo and that you got your moderator status again. The master of long posts has returned. See you around the forums.
iamwasted ChiroVette
Aug 12, 03 4:57am
The Viper 650: V10, OHV, 655 HP, 650 ft*LBs, 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds, 211 mph top speed, crappy gas mileage, and a sweet ass body. It's a nice car, I hope you like the pictures.

shoeboy ChiroVette
Aug 6, 03 9:14pm
NiTrOuS ChiroVette
Jul 24, 03 8:39am
You are the 41st person to be Knighted by me, feel special?

I have absolutely no idea if I signed your G-Book or not, oh well, good to see ya back. Not sure how long you've been back, but anyway, good to see you back! Lol.

Cosmic Cracker ChiroVette
Jul 13, 03 3:30am

Viper who?
Jackz89 ChiroVette
Jun 28, 03 9:55pm
Great to have you back Chiro. The forums were always lonely without you. Even though i dont have vice city for pc i still enjoy hanging around the forum with you and doodles ect.

dragonclawz ChiroVette
Jun 23, 03 8:43pm
Welcome back to the Neoseeker world my friend! Glad to see that you have returned and been given your Mod-ship back. Sorry I didn't sign your G-book sooner...I have been busy and just remembered now. =)

Hope you will sign my G-book when you have the time. Ttyl!
Doodles_are_funny ChiroVette
Jun 23, 03 5:52pm
Yay you be back

How many backs ya been crackin l8ley? Why be I talking in txt lngidge?


Ingredients for a good Neoseeker Forum:
2 tablespoons sense
a fridge full of fun
a box of ChiroVette
Me being around
20 tablespoons worth of other Grand Theft Auto addicts
1 thread of Vicecityaire
20 pages of superb, well thought out threads
1 teaspoon spammers to liven it up
a good game
El Rey's body
Another box of ChiroVette

Mix all except ChiroVette's second box. Chiro can't exist twice.
Spit out spare El Ray bones
Hand to Redemption for preperation
Add to forums
Post post post dammit!
timgta2002 ChiroVette
Jun 22, 03 10:01pm
You and many other like you will be getting this certifying that you are true gta fan. Now that you have received this you need to go and play gta3 and Vice for twenty hours each everyday. You say that is impossible but it is not.
ilikechocolate ChiroVette
Jun 21, 03 11:31am
hey i cant believe i havent signed your guestbook so i thought i would sign it and i hope you will return the favor anyway see you around hope this meets the 125 characters.
Crap Dealer03 ChiroVette
Jun 19, 03 8:07am

Welcome back ChiroVette!!!