Scipio Africanus ChiroVette
Jun 15, 04 8:57pm
This is just your friendly, neighborhood Scipio coming by to sign your guestbook on his guestbook signing spree!!!

Sign back if you like!!!!!
minivan666 ChiroVette
Jun 3, 04 5:40am
so i hear you're a guitar player, and i read in one of your posts you're working on a demo. my band's website is just in case you might be interested. now i must warn you, we're a little different. a lot of people would call us ska, but we're not ska at all. anyway, i'd like to hear some of your stuff if you have any, so if you have a website or anything i'd love to know about it. good luck.
Diablos ChiroVette
May 26, 04 8:07pm
Only me.
Just signing your guessbook. Awesome stuff on the forums, especially H&F and the GTA forums.

Keep up the good stuff. Damn I wish I had them muscles.
Nevermind ChiroVette
May 14, 04 7:11pm
Chiropactor? Nah, you want to go in the line of sexual-doctorisms.

You get to keep their testicles!

Of course that's self-explanatory, you know, with the "sexual" part and everything...
Incidnia ChiroVette
May 2, 04 2:24pm
Just thought I would sign your guestbook, the reason...

You are a great moderator, a cool guy, and...

Well, sign back.

Oh BTW: I am glad you liked the VC banner.
hard ChiroVette
Apr 9, 04 5:45pm
oh, oh, oh its such an honour to meet the man who came up with the neo-world famous april fools co-mod joke.

*gets on knees*

must say chiro, after reading that thread and nearly having a heart attack laughing, that signle handidly is one of the funniest jokes ive seen in a while, looking at the fact that so many people fell for it.

quote Egg
*bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*
LMFAO, you burst his buble, or broke the egg:P

laterz dude, your an all round great guy from what i see and hear.

Mario Man ChiroVette
Mar 28, 04 12:48am

Hey ChiroVette,

I usually pop my head in the Health and Fitness forum just to see what's new and I see you've once again wrote the equivelant of a book in one post! You really know your stuff. Anyway, just thought I'd sign your guestbook because of that and to say...I can't wait for San Andreas to come out. Have fun and sign mine back.

GTAFREAK1120 ChiroVette
Mar 7, 04 5:59pm
hey man wats up .i just wanted to say hi and where in brooklyn do you live i live in uptown manhattan.BTW have a very nice day mr.Asshopper i see you have traind well.
hit0kiri ChiroVette
Mar 5, 04 2:19pm

Lmao. Dude, you know your stuff.

I thought I knew alot but all I do is get some yelling from some dumb gym trainer.

You're damn smart too
gamer765 ChiroVette
Feb 29, 04 5:13am
hey ol pal!!!

this is gamer765 aka ThaBirch, we go way back, since the gta3 days, lol i still havent retired from it, do u still play it occasionally?


just thought i would sign your gb cuz your a great friend!

cya around,
DianWei04 ChiroVette
Feb 27, 04 9:39pm
he's in strips yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mr Matthews ChiroVette
Feb 27, 04 8:11am
Chirovette, you know, I probably shouldn't be signing a Yankee fan's guestbook but I have to admit, you're no ordinary guy(in a good way).

Those arguments we have in the Sports forum are all in good fun. You're a good person to argue with Chiro(once again, in a good way).

I'll leave you with this.

Oh Yeah, and Yankees SUCK!
Schteven ChiroVette
Feb 20, 04 2:32am
Hiya Chiro
I just realised i've been talkin to ya and stuff and i've never acctually had the decency to sign your guest book, so here you are!

Yes, this is a very lousy attempt at self forgivness?!
extremeev1 ChiroVette
Feb 17, 04 2:44am
hey lol
Little Miss Magic ChiroVette
Feb 14, 04 11:06pm
Tec 9 ChiroVette
Feb 2, 04 2:45am
I made this dictionary insert of the definition of cool. I'm very proud. Im using a 'Fix It Manual' as a mousemat.

Arcane Prophet ChiroVette
Feb 1, 04 7:27am
Hey Chiro,

Heh, I've only known you for about a week and already I understand why you are such a respectable member on Neoseeker. Your ability as a moderator is utterly amazing - you hold your forums in excellent condition, and manage to keep the perfect "comfortable" atmosphere among them by keeping everything in a low pressure feel to the point where just about everyone who visits a forum that you moderate they are instantly welcomed and accepted as one of the group. You're also a great guy to talk to, and you seem always in good spirits and always tackle things with a sense of wisdom and maturity.

Well, I'll talk to you later. Keep up what you're doing, man, it sure is working!
Jax06 ChiroVette
Jan 29, 04 7:15am

Stamped with pride!
Shadow_Fayde ChiroVette
Jan 15, 04 9:08pm
Well, I will sign your GB ince you are a great mod, you let us have fun, you dont take crap, your a perfect mod, so, keep it up...

ign back PLZ...
Mr Viper ChiroVette
Jan 13, 04 6:32am
Hey, I just wanted to remind you that, in case you or anyone else forgot, you still kick more ass than any other seeker.

[ Mr Viper ]
Akensai ChiroVette
Jan 11, 04 11:38pm
Well gotta say u make a good mod on vice city and it's nice havin u around so see ya around.....stupid legnth thingy

-\ \/ /-| o )-/ /\ \-\ \/ /-
-/ /\ \-| o )-\ \/ /-/ /\ \-

Have fun
Garuzzo ChiroVette
Jan 1, 04 8:57am
On the first of January 2003 no wait 2004, you shall have your guestbook signed by me.

Ill surprise you with the time it gets signed, so its not too predictable.

You wont know til its signed!!!!!
Mr Viper ChiroVette
Dec 26, 03 12:59am



Hitman3580 ChiroVette
Dec 25, 03 9:06pm
Hey ChrioVette


Talk to ya later, Paul.

Hawkeye ChiroVette
Dec 25, 03 9:38am
Hey hey! Thought I would wish the longest poster on neoseeker a merry christmas. Seriously, your post characters probably double that which have been posted by most people on the top ten list, haha!

And here's my expertly made stamp...

Have a merry christmas! Byebye