jeenx ChiroVette
Mar 26, 13 11:16pm
Thanks for the support help trying to fix my guide. I appreciate the prompt responses.
May 17, 11 6:12pm
hey, thx for being helpful . you are a great mod. (trying to meet minimum length )
The Omega ChiroVette
Apr 13, 10 5:33am
I know it's two days late, but I haven't been around much in the past few days.

I hope your birthday was a good one.
Misty ChiroVette
Dec 9, 09 7:34am
Guestbook signing spree time!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Now I need to fill up extra space...
Ali_45 ChiroVette
Oct 26, 09 8:54pm
Hey Chiro Burnout King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BazBro ChiroVette
Jul 31, 09 1:08am
I can't believe I haven't signed your guestbook yet!! Anyway, I decided to make you a little stamp for you

The least you could do is send me a Thank you note.
The Omega ChiroVette
Apr 10, 09 7:40am

Woohoo, babes in Yankee "uniforms!" Happy... thirtyseigninsthnd birthday
a55455in ChiroVette
Apr 7, 09 3:14am
Hi, thanks for the welcome. I was wondering why the NeoPM icon keeps flashing. Maybe it's s'posed to, but there doesn't seem to be any messages in my inbox. Great forum, BTW!
Eridor ChiroVette
Apr 1, 09 1:49am
Well, I just noticed that today was your seventh Neo-Birthday. So, since your the mod of the Writer's Lounge, which is one of my favorite forums, I decided I'd sign your GB. Happy Neo-Bday, you Neo-Old geezer.
BazBro ChiroVette
Mar 15, 09 4:15pm
This is my first stamp so it not be that good.But practice makes perfect!

Thanks for being a GREAT mod!,I hope you stay on the forums more!

humhkholo ChiroVette
Mar 2, 09 5:19am
Thanks for being an awesome mod in the GTA SA Forum. Keep it up!!!

Jonesoda ChiroVette
Feb 5, 09 3:40am
chiro you are a great mod and a cool guy keep up the great modding, i cannot believe how many posts you have done! anyways you are one commited guy on this you really get 7 dollars an hour from this site thats awsome.

Arcanium ChiroVette
Dec 27, 08 8:45pm
Hoped you had a great Christmas this year and I hope your New Years will be better. Would of sent this sooner but I was hung up in the crazy holiday week lol.

New name + new stamp= Pure Awesomeness !!

Harvest Moon girl ChiroVette
Dec 26, 08 4:23am

I don't know how often you check these or if you do at all, but I just wanted to stop by and wish you a merry Christmas. If you're Christian, that is. If you happen to be Jewish, Muslim, an Atheist, practice a different faith, or are simply a grinch, well, I hope you have happy holidays or, if you'd prefer, I hope you have a satisfactory, non-denominational capitalist wintertime gift-giving season!

Shane and I never had the chance to stop by at the diner when he came to visit =[ Anyway, you don't really know me and you probably haven't seen me around, but I wanted to stop by and wish you a merry Christmas or happy holidays.

Best wishes for 2009!

Marooned Chic ChiroVette
Dec 20, 08 8:00pm

Warm winter wishes Chiro.

Vegetazoid ChiroVette
Sep 20, 08 7:37pm
Hey Chirovette! You're such an awsome mod!
You seem like a cool neo member! Please sign back!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
Frazeb ChiroVette
Sep 7, 08 7:52am
Wazzup! Ur an awesome mod! Like keep modding or whatever it is you mods do. U like gotta get payed, u do like the best job ever! U rock! Ummmm wel later Bro, just wanna say that!
Marooned Chic ChiroVette
Aug 11, 08 5:51am
You're such a cool mod..
Uh, and I hope we could be friends.
Darnit ChiroVette
Jul 21, 08 11:02pm
I just think your an awesome mod, you do a great job too, GTAIV is one of the best kept forums I've seen thanks to you, and Stich of course. Thanks a lot for making GTA forums rock, you should also be a SR2 mod when the forum picks up a bit, or that may make a traitor to GTA, keep up the good work, damn you are dedicated to these forums though well done and keep it up.


Fine modding since 2002

Please sign back, my GB hasn't been stamped in a while now
gtasamaniac12852 ChiroVette
Jul 2, 08 3:16am
You do a good job stopping all the flaming and spamming in the threads. Keep up the good work!!!

Also, post some threads about San Andreas once in a while. I still think closing ones that need to be closed is good, but have a little fun! It will be nice to see some moderator threads!

Good Work
Tom ChiroVette
May 17, 08 5:24pm
...for looking over the quiz this year. I forgot to sign when it was over.

Some Lazy Driver ChiroVette
May 3, 08 6:37am
Damn, that's something, I remember you moderating the forums way back in 02'.

You're dedicated as all hell, so thanks for the interesting posts!
lucifa13 ChiroVette
May 2, 08 6:35pm
hey, check your friend requests on psn. we'll hook up on multiplayer GTAIV!!

i a=came here to kick ass and chew gum!! and i'm all outta gum!!
SerialZero ChiroVette
Mar 17, 08 4:29pm
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?

Matt J ChiroVette
Mar 2, 08 8:01pm
Congrats on winning the caption contest, again Chiro. What can I say? You just have a knack for it.

Keep up the good work.