Life is both shity and blessful. I've lived the more shity life. If you've been there than trust me I know what you have been feeling. I made alot of stupid dicisions but neoseeker was one of the best choices. Here I can socialize and talk about games and even play people all over. Hey if you wanna know something about me that is cool, it's that I'm a tennis player and the anime prince of tennis really motivated me to continue. I also play other sports. I love hanging out with friends.


My interest are pretty simple. I basically like video games, sports, and ofcourse GIRLS! Computers are nice aswell lol. I love anime. Here are some animes that I recommend you people to watch:
One piece( one of the best animes out there)
Naruto ( another great anime)
Code gease seasons 1 and 2 ( Really great)
Pandora hearts ( great)
Valkiria chronicles ( touching lol)
Hajime no ippo ( makes you wanna work out lol)
Prince of tennis ( one of the best sports anime)
Eyeshield 21 ( great foot ball anime)
Whistle ( an okay soccer anime, probably the best one out of all the soccer animes)
07-ghost ( really great anime)
Persona trinity soul ( great anime and great game)
Kaze no stigma ( really great)
Bleach ( too much filter made it less enjoyable)


And I have watch alot more but these are the best out of all of them.


You just got NO'ed!!!!!!!

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