PS3 from ebay doesn't turn on. Diagnosis: No fan. How
imagine how *bleep*ed up it would be to have a brain and be able to form thoughts
putting lithium in the public water supply so no one will commit suicide and everyone would be forced to stay hydrated
old bands are so much better than new bands
Sending 153 USD to the NRA lobbying fund because I bought a gun
God I hate police harassment
confirm the fire in my pants is out
anyone wanna go to a mensa meeting with me tonight?
can someone please invent botoxycontin
rated E for Effeminate
my mom needs help installing AOL
still waiting for Jim Davis to apologize for all remaining Garfield strips
I saw my first fly landing on my food today. Summer's here!
i'll stop financially exploiting your asian culture when you stop giving your kids names like "cha-ching"

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