old bands are so much better than new bands
Sending 153 USD to the NRA lobbying fund because I bought a gun
God I hate police harassment
confirm the fire in my pants is out
anyone wanna go to a mensa meeting with me tonight?
can someone please invent botoxycontin
rated E for Effeminate
my mom needs help installing AOL
still waiting for Jim Davis to apologize for all remaining Garfield strips
I saw my first fly landing on my food today. Summer's here!
i'll stop financially exploiting your asian culture when you stop giving your kids names like "cha-ching"
no i will not download your "suicide prevention" pdf because i don't believe in censorship on the internet
if Stephen Hawking ever starts forgetting stuff about quantum field theory he should really be tested for alzheisenberger's
is there a reason google mars has no street view

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