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Mar 11, 11 1:08am

So I started a personal blog on my own web server a few months ago, but its been kinda hidden. The only way you knew about it is if you were my friend on Facebook of followed my Twitter account. I used to use this blog for all of my random thoughts and musings, however few they might be. But now I'm going to migrate those all to my own personal blog. So yeah, there it is. Click on it, I dare you. :D

So now, for this blog, I'm just gonna keep it to anything Neo-related that I feel the need to speak about. Which, hopefully soon, you'll start to see an increase in. ;)

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May 05, 10 11:02pm

Woo, another reminder for myself, and anyone else who wants to use it.

I've been doing a lot of server work lately, and I've been wanting to set up my own Active Directory server. While searching the web for a good how to guide, I found this page. One hellva install guide, so I would definitely check it out.

technology active directory windows server 2008 domain
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Apr 15, 10 6:31am

This might just be more for a reminder to myself on how to do this, but if anyone else cares, this might be helpful.

My router bases port-forward rules based on a machines MAC address. If the computer is removed from the network forever (like a virtual machine) then the rule is forever locked to that machine. A way to get around this is to MAC spoof it, by changing the MAC address of your machine. Here is how you do it on a Linux box.

ifconfig [interface name] down
ifconfig [interface name] hw ether [new MAC address]
ifconfig [interface name] up

So, realistically:

ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00-0c-38-de-c0-ae
ifconfig eth0 up

Then just to be safe, restart networking...

/etc/init.d/networking restart

All commands should be done by root or sudo.

technology linux bash spoofing router network

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Oct 03, 09 11:53pm

My Speech Outline

Well, there she blows. For those of you that didn't catch my last blog post, I needed to give an informative speech for my college speech class. It needed to be a sociopolitical topic, so I chose video game violence.

I'm a horrible public speaker, as I have horrid stage fright. I ended up rambling, and not being to get to the conclusion within the 6 minute time limit.

So yeah, there it is. :)

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Sep 29, 09 10:33pm

Linky Linky

So, in my college speech class, I need to give an informative speech tomorrow. My topic is Video Game Violence. I'm a huge procrastinator with things I don't like to do, as you can tell with this.

Check out the thread, and help a brotha out.

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Jul 23, 09 4:17am

Thank you tomchu for posting this on Facebook. It made my day. So I thought I would share it with the rest of you.

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Jul 02, 09 1:52am

2009 NeoHome Awards: Nominations Thread

Well, its that time of the year!

Down over in the HTML/CSS & NeoHome Help forum we have the kinda-sorta annual NeoHome Awards going on, starting off with the nominations. So if you think your NeoHome stands a chance, go check out the thread!

2009 NeoHome Awards: Nominations Thread

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Jun 27, 09 2:14am

Hey, you there. You like Web Development right?


Go check out this thread. We are trying to get some people together to work on creating a dummy website for a new version of DEVPEN, a Neoseeker sister site.


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Jun 20, 09 7:57am

So, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. Though I would throw something in here.

Ummm... If ya noticed, awesome... I made myself a new Blog Layout... It's not the best, but I like it. Also made a new Avatar / Banner combo, so I guess that interesting.

Oh yeah, I got promoted to CRS. Nothing major really, just gonna look over the Book Profiles section. Finally cleared out about 118 profiles in the queue, sans a few that need to be edited. So feel free to add book profiles using this form. Just be sure to not submit any manga, anime, graphic novels, porn, do it yourself, computer, or any type of non-fiction books. I'll be like a loan ranger and shoot them down on first sight. ;D

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May 31, 09 10:35pm

I thought I would share with you guys a couple projects I was involved with during my last month in high school. I took a Dramatic Writing class, and the final project was to write a screenplay and do some filming. It could be either a movie or movie trailer, how ever you wanted. My project is a movie trailer, a spoof on The Breakfast Club. Nothing major.

My friends did their own group, where they wanted to do a Romeo & Juliet meets The Fast and The Furious. They titled their production "It's Always Sunny In Satterfield".

Be warned, its about 50 minutes long, split into 6 parts, there is some light swearing, the wind was a bit of an issue, and we are not the best of actors. I make a cameo appearance in two places... Try to find me.

graphic design other breakfast club its always sunny in satterfield movie

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Apr 28, 09 12:18am

So I've been getting into more movie special effects lately, and I thought I would show off a recent creation I have made, featuring fellow school mate, and foreign exchange student, Nicolai.

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Apr 17, 09 12:16am

So I just got my new drive today, a CD/DVD/Blu_ray combo drive. All installed and drivers were updated right once I started up my computer. Problem: I don't have any blank DVD's to try a burn on, or any Blu-ray disks to try out.

And... I'm watching Kathy Griffin. I *bleep*ing love her. Nuff said.

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Mar 21, 09 8:39pm

Well, I was able to attain a copy of Microsoft Windows 7, and let me say, I like it so far.

Right now, I'm running it inside a Virtual Machine, so I cant really tell you much about how its interacting with my hardware.

The new task-bar is really cool. Right now I'm downloading Pidgin so I can use some instant messenger with IE8. The background for the IE8 task-bar icon is now a download progress bar, which I find to be really cool. If I hover over the icon, a list of the open tabs appears, and I can control the tabs from there as well. I can't wait to see how other browsers are handled with that.

One other cool thing are the window "movement" functions. If I have multiple windows open, I can grab the title bar of one and "shake" it with my mouse, and the other open windows minimize. If I "shake" the window again, the other windows appear back where they were.

Well I'm going to play around with it a little bit more, and will probably end up making it into a dual boot soon. I bid thee with a little eye-candy. It is from my VM, so it will look crappy. :(

microsoft windows 7 diablo 3 maya amano persona shin megami tensei other technology

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Mar 09, 09 2:28am

Alright. We have our own little poll here. Who is better, Master Chief from the Halo series:

Or, yours truly, the great and amazing, lord monkey:

Me and the lovely RabidChinaGirl decided to have this poll after I said that I would not throw myself on Master Chump, based on her last blog.

So, now I leave it up to you Neoseeker. Vote by leaving a comment here on your choice. lord monkey or Master Chief.


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Feb 18, 09 3:15am

Check it yo'.

My first Neo-News article. Please leave me comments about that you think or anything, rip it apart, make me a better writer. :)

Thanks Leo & Kevin!

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Feb 03, 09 10:14pm

I was taking a look at another blog site I found today, and this one article caught my eye. It was about PHP variables. Now if you wanted to use a variable in a string, you would use one of the following:

php code

$food = "chicken";

echo "Bobby ate some . " $food;
echo "Bobby ate some $food";

Well, this blog article introduced me into another way of using a variable in a string:

php code

$food = "chicken";

echo "Bobby ate some {$food}";
echo "Bobby ate some ${food}";

Wtf is this PHP? How come you never told me about this before? I thought we had something special. :(

Source: Catch My Frame Article

php variable web development

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Jan 28, 09 4:39am

Ok, sorry if your an extreme dancer.

So, I'm a metal head, and I like going to concerts. But one of the most annoying things I see are extreme dancers. If you don't know what extreme dancing is, reference:

So me and a friend of mine were looking up some videos today on extreme dancing and found the following. I freakin' love the breakdown in the first and third videos.

extreme dancing other

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Jan 13, 09 4:20am

Well as some of you know, I'm very involved in theatre. This last weekend I was able to go to the Illinois State Theatre Fest at University of Illinois. I was also able to bring down my schools fall play, Sarah Plain & Tall, to perform. Here is my recap of the weekend.

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Left 30 minutes late around 4:00pm, and took the 3 hour van drive down to the festival. Nothing too bad, just a fun van ride. We got to the motel, dropped off our stuff, and went to go see the All-State show, Hairspray.


Starting off the festival with a bang, we went to see Hairspray. This was the best show that I saw all weekend. Nothing much to say about it. The lighting was amazing, the sets were superb. I wish that the mic's were a bit louder though, the pit band was a tad loud. The actors were dancing SOOO close to the pit it was scary. I thought for sure someone would fall in.

After the show we went back to the motel and ordered some pizza. We all went to our rooms, and my room was up to about 5:30am, so we got about an hours worth of sleep.

Friday, January 9th, 2009

After waking up, I got some breakfast at Panera Bread, and went to the campus. The first show I saw was Noises Off, at the Foellinger Auditorium.

Noises Off

This show was basically about putting on a show, but ends up being a joke. The first act started slow, and was about the last rehearsal before show night. The second act was the back stage of the show during the first show. The set was a big room, and before the second act started, the crew actually turned around the set, so you could see the back of the set and how it was run back there. People were falling down stairs, getting poked by cactus's, and just controlled chaos. Very funny. The third and final act was another show, but everything goes wrong. Lines were missed or dropped, people were injured, and just hell broke loose. But everything was on purpose.

After Noises Off, went out to lunch, and walked around for a bit, until the next show.


I basically went to this show so I could have somewhere to go, and to take a nap. I don't really remember the first half of this show. It was about a pioneer woman and her daughters, who all made quilts, and told stories of their quilts. The 2 best things about this show was that the girls were good singers, and that it was only an hour long.

After sleeping through this show, I took a quick walk to another show, The Yellow Boat.

The Yellow Boat

The Yellow Boat was a show based off of a true story about a hemophiliac boy who died from HIV/AIDS. The show was way too artsy for my tastes and didn't catch my attention. Slept through a good chunk of this one as well.

After this show me and the girlfriend just walked around campus for a while until the next show, also at the Foellinger Auditorium.


All I need to say about this show was holy shit. The second best show I saw all festival, next to Hairspray. The show is about a rival of Mozart, and his war with God through Mozart. Towards the end of the first act the rival gets a hold of some of Mozart's compositions. He realizes how good Mozart is, and becomes angry. He starts throwing papers and crumpling them up. The lights dim for a very dramatic effect. The rival throws up the papers in the air, and its basically an explosion of papers. They seem suspended in time since they take so long to fall. This is by far the best scene I have ever seen in drama.

After this show we went out to Taco Bell to get dinner, and went to bed early because we needed to check out at 6:40am.

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Today is the big day, we get to perform Sarah Plain & Tall. We got to the Foellinger Auditorium at 7, and started setting up set and everything. The set was up on time, and every thing went smoothly. Nothing special really. It was just really fun. After the show we packed up and went to a buffet. There we told the waiters that it was our Director's birthday, when it really wasn't. The ended up being really fun. And I consumed lots o' food. Finally we were on our way home, and that is that.

Over all, it was a very fun time. I wish I could have seen more shows, but I still enjoyed the festival. So, glad ya read that all. :D

other musingsthoughts theatre

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Jan 01, 09 9:54pm

So, I got my wisdom teeth cut out of my head yesterday at 9am. What a great way to bring in the new year. And to top it all off I have a really sore throat. Swallowing it just the best thing ever. I feel like such an old person when I'm eating. All I can have is stuff like apple sauce, pudding, jello, and ice cream. And I also take a pill or two every once in a while when it starting to really hurt.

So, just basically a great way to bring in the new year. :)

P.S. - Chipmunk pictures coming soon.

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Dec 20, 08 3:03am

Well if you know anything about the RIAA, for the past couple years they have been having many mass lawsuits again people who upload music, illegally. Well now they are dropping all current lawsuits, and will not be pursuing more lawsuits. Woo Hoo!... Right?

Not so much. The RIAA won't be suing you exactly. What will happen is if you are caught uploading music, the RIAA will let your ISP (Internet Service Provider) know about it, and your ISP could restrict your bandwidth usage, or completely shut off your internet. Now that would suck.

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Dec 14, 08 4:16am

If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to I Set My Friends On Fire before, here is a good chance. Partnering with Smoosh, here is their own version of Sex Education. I would then recommend looking up "ismfof the musical" on YouTube for even better stuff.

other ismfof youtube sex
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Dec 11, 08 3:33am

I got this book for Christmas last year. Its called "Teach Yourself Game Programming With DirectX in 21 Days". Now if your interested in going into game programming, I highly recommend picking up this book. Its $40 USD and a tad outdated, but its worth it and teaches you great concepts about gaming, setting up and using DirectX 8, and some other useful things. So here is a good recommendation for Christmas present!

books gaming related
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Dec 06, 08 3:40am

As some of you know I'm very into theatre. I'm not really an actor. I do more crew type stuff. Earlier this past November my school performed Sarah Plain & Tall for the annual fall play. I was the Technical Director for this show. I was also drafted to play a minister for the last two minutes of the show... Marrying my girlfriend ( Sarah ) off actually. I have stage fright, so this was kinda big for me, although I had no lines. :)

Well, our show was judged like it is every year by the Illinois Theatre people (can't think of the official title). Last week the director got a call saying we were invited to perform Sarah Plain & tall at Illinois State High School Theatre Fest at University of Illinois. This is a big thing for my school. This is the first time we have been able to bring a full length show down.

So, January 10th I'm gonna be performing the show at the Foellinger auditorium at U of I. Holy freakin' balls. The auditorium holds 1750 people. My schools holds 550. Its going to be a big change. This Sunday I'm going to the campus to check out the stage and its technology and setup.

So, just thought I would spread the good word. I'm freakin' excited about it, and January NEEDS to get here faster.

Btw, in the picture, I'm the minister and the young woman playing Sarah is my girlfriend.

other musingsthoughts sarah plaing and tall theatre university of illinois

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Dec 01, 08 1:22am

Now, I'm not stealing this idea from tekmosis, I thought of it yesterday morning... I just never got around to it.

Theres my bad-ass. Yes, that is s hold in the side of it. I didn't feel like spending $50 on a new case so I can have a see through side. I still need to buy some plexi-glass to put in there. The true DIY. :D

The line coming out of my computer in the bottom front is audio going to an off screen surround sound system. On top is a "Careers & Colleges" magazine that my mom got me. >.<

Well, thats what my setup is like. Hopefully in less than a year I'll do another one of these, but with a new custom computer and a new location! :D

Here is where I sit everyday. That is my throne, and my, "bad-ass" computer. Please excuse the crappy quality.

Now since my laser mouse wont work on the fabric of my recliner, my mouse pad is an Adobe Premiere Elements User Guide. I do have a second monitor behind my LCD one. Thats mainly for computers I'm working on.

technology pc hardware home office computer

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Nov 27, 08 9:11pm

Well today is the American Thanksgiving, or what I like to call Obese Day. I'm looking forward to getting so fat my friends at school wont be able to recognize me. I LOVE turkey and rolls, although I'm not a fan of other Thanksgiving foods. Whats really interesting this year for me are the experiences for two of my closest friends. They are foreign exchange students, one from Germany, another from Norway. Today is their first Thanksgiving, and they are really excited for it. I've been telling them both that when I see them next they better be 9483 pounds heavier than I last saw them.

For me, I'm just going over to some of my family's house. Nothing special really, same thing happens every year. But for my foreign friends, this is their first, and very possibly, their last Thanksgiving.

Well, there is my Thanksgiving thoughts. So, happy Obese Day!

thanksgiving obese november america other

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Nov 27, 08 5:23am

Well lately I've been playing some Counter Strike: Source on Steam. Now, I'm far from great, but lately I've been getting alright. But if you look at my status on a server I've been playing on, my kill to death ratio is 0.27. :( Either way, its a fun game. I wish I could have been playing it back in its prime though. Could you imagine how many people could have been playing at once? I don't have the actual numbers, but that must have been fun.

Now, the game has built up a legacy of being one of, if not, the best FPS out there, along with Unreal. There are communities and friends built off of the game. Clans have been formed. It also helped out Major League Gaming, and people have even won a good amount of money from being so good at the game.

I believe that this is more than just a fun game. Its a definition of our generation. Its one of the best video games out there, ever. So start playing it, and enjoy.

pc counter strike source css game steam source sdk

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Nov 27, 08 2:51am

Yea, I know. DEVPEN is kinda dead. Oh well. I've written a few articles on it that I'd like to share with you. They are ordered oldest to newest. Once I post up a new article there I'll create a link to it here.

 So close to the end!

Better thank NPH for his contribution... but put it in a place where everybody can read it.

web development articles devpen web coding

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Nov 27, 08 1:30am

Well here is my first blog. Mostly this will serve as an introduction about me, and what I do in my life.

I'm in my senior year at high school. Hopefully after I graduate I'll be heading down to Illinois State University. I've been getting into more and more gaming lately, playing more Counter Strike Source. I'm gonna be building my own computer, and *hopefully* have it done by the time I graduate. Web development is my strong point with computers. I actually do some work with Neoseeker itself. I do some pre-release testing with some features, such as the Tags. I also do some coding, like the Spoiler Tags and the Video Tags on the NeoWikis. Now, I don't work at NeoHQ, so don't confuse me with the real workers.

Well, thats enough about me. If ya wanna learn more, feel free to ask me anything. You can send me a private message, or you can instant message me from any of the contacts on my profile. Thanks for reading!

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