Was just thinking about this, what kind of web frameworks do you use? I know when I first started out with web development I

Is it nap time yet?
Android SDK, y u no work!
got my blog updated with buttons to submit to Reddit and up/down vote. Winning.
this is the second day in a row that I've seen something from Neoseeker on Reddit. Win.
Can someone tell me why I switched from Outlook to Thunderbird? I can't remember. :|
finished updating/moving around his web server. Awwwww yeahhhhhh.

So I started a personal blog on my own web server a few months ago, but its been kinda hidden. The only way you knew about it is if you were my friend on Facebook of followed my Twitter account. I used to use this blog for all of my random thoughts and musings, however few they might be. But now I'm going to migrate those all to my own personal blog. So yeah, there it is. Click on it, I dare you. :D

So now, for this blog, I'm just gonna keep it to anything Neo-related that I feel the need to speak about. Which, hopefully soon, you'll start to see an increase in. ;)

neoseeker related
Damn PDO, Pear, Pecl, MySQL, PHP, and Doctrine. :|
Damn iptables *shakes fist*
will hopefully be able to finish this Woot Android app tonight.
loves technology!
loves being able to modify his phone in any way he wants :)
just bought a 2TB hard drive and 2GB of RAM. Yesssss
While reading a book on HTML5, I saw this sentence used in an example: Warning! This banana is dangerous!
if (statusIsNotValid.compareTo( Boolean.FALSE ) != 0) skipValidation = false;
Managing programmers is like herding cats
thinks someone should learn C with me so we can overthrow the Linux kernel. :)
is reading about Assembly and C. I feel like I should be back in 1995.

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