SunnyDelight Chief
Jun 5, 07 7:12am
Of course I still like SH. Isn't SH forums still dead or do you guys still go on it? I don't have a PSP so I can't get that game unfortunately.
Chrome Chief
Mar 4, 07 5:19am
The first Silent Hill was not scary at all, but the others were just to make it clear. You have a very... intimidating guestbook. ^^. PM me if you have the time so we can be friends.

Signing back,
Memory of Eileen Chief
Dec 27, 06 11:57pm
Hey, I thought and I'd say Merry Christmas to you, my good friend!

And Happy New Year!

Hope you're all enjoyed this special holiday and have fun with your beloved families and friends!

With much love,

Memory of Eileen Chief
Dec 9, 06 3:50am
Hey, sorry about that.
I've been working a lot, lately. Trying to pass all of my classrooms and get credits for college. Also, I don't have any AOL e-mails anymore but u still can contact my e-mail is I'll be online if I have time. Missed ya brother.

I've been doing good so far and I also got good grades. I took my little brother out for his first trick-o-treat. He dressed as a bumble bee. XD Also, me and my familes have been celebrated for his 1st birthday and have a big Thanksgaving party. My best friend Kirstein will move to another school in 3 weeks later. So, yeah I will miss her. And I wish I have time for talking to you and others. I missed you guys so much but also I know that you guys are doing fine!

Right now, I'm in the classroom with my friends. I could talk to u guys for a few minutes while my friends are working with their schoolworks. ^^ Hope talkin' to ya soon.
SunnyDelight Chief
Nov 30, 06 7:31am
It's pointless to even go to neo if you have a long ass ban. Also if your favorite forums that you mostly go to are dead. I miss her too. That sucks communicating through Guestbook.

All the mods are assholes, there's not one cool or nice mod for me in neo. They just love using the Ban button.
SunnyDelight Chief
Nov 29, 06 7:07am
She left Neoseeker because she's really busy with things. She's not gonna come back and she's only replying to PMs. But, I haven't seen her online though, in a long time.
Memory of Eileen Chief
Jun 2, 06 11:27pm
Hey my old friend! How have you been? I hope you'd enjoys the summer vacation!! Peace out and have fun!

Pwned! Now, you've been my slave!!! >:3