You've been bitten by me, because i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

Since you've posted at least once in the new MGS4 forum. You deserve a stamp.
Hi fellow Resident Evil fan! Haven't talked to you guys in a long time so hope you're well.

Best wishes
Hey Chicken Fox! Happy Holidays! I hope you had a great Christmas, and will have an awesome New Years!

Seasons Greetings from:
i have the christmas spirit and all why not, also you seem very cool:

you have been wished a merry christmas by *drum roll*

~* Cute Phantasy*~

hey look who got angry at Christmas became the new Santa

better leave him more than mince pie and sherry, mabye the G-Virus....
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!

::Bored out of my mind::

And that is why I am signing your guestbook again. ^^ I hope you don't mind. How
have you been? I am okay. Blah... I honestly can't think of anything else to put. Heh,
well, I guess I'll talk to you later.


I got time, and here I am signing your
guestbook. Anyway, thanks for signing. Oh
yes, very sexy picture I must say. ~.* I'll
see you around.

Meryl and Trunks

I'm signing everybody, I know you'll probably like this stamp.

Thanks for being nice to me..
Fankoo for signing. And yesh I do haff teh time

Choo look kinda weird in teh piccie though, it scares meh >_<

I don't care your a boy. Choo must get thish kyooooot stampeh ^^;;

If yoo wanna become fwiends just pm meh.

merci pour ecrire mon guestbook.

Sorry for writing in french!
It meant thanks for signing my guestbook (i think)
Thanks for signing, I do like goku but, not gohan as much.

Get revenge on echo
he Bruderhuhnfuchs, lasse ich Sie eine Linie fallen, weil Sie mich zu wünschten und weil Brüder waren. und es ehrfürchtiges im bilden es allen im deutschen w00t Brot tuend!
Hey, Chicken Fox! I appreciated the guestbook signing, so I'm signing back. You're a great member in the MGS3 forums, I hope too see you around in the MGS4 forum when it's made. And no, I don't like DBZ.

Anyways, see ya around man.
I decided to sign your guestbook and give you a stamp so here.

u'll notice the pic never worked first time so i'm trying again since i figured the stupid thing out

hope you like gohan
Hey there Chicken Fox

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo