I am a mad gamer. Seriously. I can game like crazy, and I draw a lot. Oh, and I am a freak ;P


I love playing Harvest Moon games, Onimusha, Spy Fiction, Dynasty Warriors, Castlevania, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (It was FUN. Get off my case.), Illusion of Gaia, uhm... Harvest Moon again, Mercenaries : Playground of Destruction, any really bloody, gorey, violent video game.

I really love to draw. I'm a serious artist, I even have my own gallery! I also love to write, mostly fanfiction, and watching movies. I can kinda do crochet, but I'm still making itchy scarves >_>

My favorite thing about the "tech world" as it states to the side of this little text box as I'm writing this, I probably video games, video games, and MORE video games. It let's do very illegal acts of violence in a totally legal way b^.^d


I can drink pepsi... >> With my nose. Mwahahaha.
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