Already wanting to see some grass or something. Snow is kinda ehh... too much of it anyway.
Back on the grid.
Well I just finished eating supper ... At 3:00 AM, but anyhoo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D I hope it was awesome!!
B-Day tomorrow. Kinda jittery about it.
Anyone up for chatting (just wondering)
Naming off a fave Sonic character is a little difficult for me.
What starter is most picked on X and Y?
Figuring out on playing FE: Awakening.
Leaving sorry guys....:(
Bummed about my games being thrown out and stuff even the GameCube.
Dealing with personal stuff...
To become Kou one day is a wish I'd like to make a reality.
Dull days... what else is new.
Playing digimon games on the laptop.
Happy New Year!! :)
Nothing much to say.
Kou here filling in for Chibi atm since well... rough times are happening here.
Happy birthday!!!
Lucky egg carton. xD
Relief but still depressed... :/

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