Name is Jordan... I play Ultima Online, Watch Animes and Hang out with my friends.. I also write stories and post them on my Forums!!! I am not really good at writing but i enjoy it, and so do some of my friends... I will be friends with anyone... just give me a chance.. =)

Leopup19- MA SEXXY BUNNY!!!! hehe i love you soo much and i am so glad that we are friends!! Maybe we can hang out sometimes... i know i moved and all, but everything will be all good again i promise...

Angelcat4700- Heys SeXxI Kitten!!! Hehe, ur ma gurlie too, u n jen are the most wanted people in the world, by a lot of people.. hehe.. i love u sooo much.. like jen, and we need to have girl talk sometimes.. it would be awesome!!!


Animes... school... Playing Ultime Online on my computer... Uh.. Meeting people who play Ultima online and meet with them ingame... That stuff...

Jordan ......

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