I've decided I wanna give ML one last try before PES2015 comes out. I've made a poll and given two options per leagu

Finally decided to start watching Breaking Bad. One episode down, 61 to go!

_Rules_ Rules will be the same as last season, post your name below if you would like to enter this year and here are the

http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ _League Code:_ 278412-74745 Thought I'd get a league set up for us. Just follo

As the title says, I'm after these items. I'm SL64, on PS3 and willing to trade so just ask me what you need and I&a

Pink Floyd have http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/pink-floyd-to-release-new-album-the-endless-river-this-

The fourth and final season of Wilfred kicked off last week with a double episode. I'm excited to see how the series is

I was looking through some of my stuff today and found a watch and then realised I haven't worn a watch for over 10 years

I've just reached rank 2 in the Blades so I still need 50 more of these things to get to rank 3. If anyone has any spare

Rules will be exactly the same as the EPL version, but just to refresh your memories here are the rules. --Quote-- _Rules_

Great to see you back modding a Souls forum, @Ayriak. Have fun, mate!

Has anyone attempted to get these two rings yet? For those of you that don't know to get the Illusory Ring of a Conquero

How many of you guys have Skype? Would be cool to get an Oceania group happening, like the old MSN days. If you have Skype

Finally killed this *bleep*er! It took me about 18 tries to get him, but I finally got him. In the end I was having so much

I have 20 strength but I've yet to find a shield that offers 100% physical reduction besides the Drangleic Shield, but I

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's noticed that a few of the places are very reminiscent of areas that were in

Has anyone used this spell, and if so is it worth the 64 Int you need to be able to cast it?

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