Has anyone attempted to get these two rings yet? For those of you that don't know to get the Illusory Ring of a Conquero

How many of you guys have Skype? Would be cool to get an Oceania group happening, like the old MSN days. If you have Skype

Finally killed this *bleep*er! It took me about 18 tries to get him, but I finally got him. In the end I was having so much

I have 20 strength but I've yet to find a shield that offers 100% physical reduction besides the Drangleic Shield, but I

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's noticed that a few of the places are very reminiscent of areas that were in

Has anyone used this spell, and if so is it worth the 64 Int you need to be able to cast it?

Thief arrived today! Not sure when I'll get to play it as I'm still playing Dark Souls II, but I'm excited to play it!

I dunno if it's my actual favourite, but the Pumped Up one makes me laugh every single time because it reminds me of some

Mine was around 62 hours to defeat the final boss that plays the end credits. It's a bit better than my first playthroug

I haven't, but I've been left frustrated quite a few times and a swear word or 50 may have slipped out every so often

Just picked up Dark Souls II. Goodbye, immediate future.

_Welcome to the AFL Footy Tipping competition for 2014. If you have any questions then please feel free to drop me a ]. Goo

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Happy 9th Neo birthday to me!

Figured I'd start a new thread as footy has officially begun for the season with the first game of the NAB Cup under way.

Part 2 of my Dark Souls co-op session with Ayriak - http://bit.ly/1eRuSbS
Just finished AC3. I can finally fire up AC4 on my PS4 now!
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