Why is everything on my new profile just a list of one-line game reviews I made years ago?
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I'm working on my 3rd file after beating it twice. Great game! ExciteTruck Wii
Excellent adventure/RPG/turn-based strategy game. PaperMario N64
Great action/adventure. Music was good. TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime N64
Good game. WAY better if you have a N64 to GB game adapter and Pokemon Yellow/Red/Blue/Silver/Gold/Crystal. PokemonStadium2 N64
Great real-time strategy that surpasses the first game in almost every way. Caves sometimes get on my nerves though. Needs more areas.... Pikmin2 GC
Fun RPG/turn based strategy back in its day. Good memories. PokemonYellowSpecialPikachuEdition GBC
Fun RPG/turn based strategy back in its day. Good memories. PokemonSilver GBC
Good game. Similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, but doesn't need a great computer and is more fun. SimThemePark PC
Annoying DRM. Is the same game with a couple new features, like an expansion pack, only it isn't. SimCity3000Unlimited PC
Eh, still too old. SimCity2000 PC
Pretty good building/strategy game. Hard to complete though. MoonTycoon PC
Great golf course design game. Also kinda fun to play the courses. Lots of humor. SimGolf PC
Great city simulation game. Pretty complicated to learn though. Needs more types of buildings. SimCity3000 PC
Great strategy/business simulation game. I have spent countless hours with this. AirlineTycoonEvolution PC
Too old to be good. SimCity SNES
Bad graphics and a lot of glitches (it's an old game) but great driving game. You pretty much deliver packages, blow stuff up, and... StreetsOfSimCity PC
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